Ameek Singh

Ameek Singh | Fremont, CA
Junior | Data Science

What is your favorite memory of Cal Rotaract?
“Definitely the Berkeley Project! I still remember that I had to flatten the sand down the ramp and also break the sandbag! I also enjoyed the Egg Drop Competition with my family because I can spend a lot more time with people!”

How has Rotaract impacted your time at Cal?
“It really helped me to give back to the community and meet a lot of incredible people, especially at the general meetings! It is also great to meet new speakers too! It was also great to see an event where Rotaract and the Food Pantry collaborated, so it’s amazing to see the two clubs that I’m involved together!”

What is one thing you’re proud you haven’t done?
“I never taught my dog to eat off the floor which is good because when I drop any raisins (which is poisonous to them), they will not eat them!”