Local Committee is in charge of organizing local events around the Bay Area, and delves into social issues affecting the greater East Bay. Past service projects include events taking place in homeless shelters, schools, food kitchens, parks, daycare centers, and senior homes.

International Committee is in charge of bringing international issues to the attention of our club members. In the past they’ve packed medical supplies to ship abroad for school feeding programs, collected and shipped educational materials to promote literacy in third world countries, built low cost prostheses for low income individuals in foreign countries, and mapped roads and buildings in West Africa to assist the WHO in the public health fight against Ebola!

Interact Committee outreaches to our high school affiliate organization: Interact. They organize joint events with local high school Interact clubs and coordinate our biannual Interact Stayover, where high schoolers from around the Bay Area come up to UC Berkeley for a weekend to learn more about college and the continuation of service into higher education and beyond.