O’Neils Family

Family Heads: Aadhithya Manimaran, Nola Vu

About the O'Neils Family

Hallo! We’re the O’Neils, the coolest family in Cal Rotaract! If you’re interested in gaming, Zoom study seshes, anime, Star Wars/Marvel, kpop, or boba/food, this family is for you! We are a family of duality: we’re introverts who can become super social if you get to know us, and love to do spontaneous Zooms/Discord calls! If you wanna join the Spring 2020 (and future 2021) Family of the Semester, or just want a home at Berkeley, we would love to have you! Uwu!


Meet Your O'Neils Family Heads of Spring 2021:

Aadhithya Manimaran

Hihi friendos, I’m Aady! I’m a second year MCB major and History minor, and your taller O’Neil head for the semester! I’m from San Jose, and some of my hobbies include video games (struggle with me and Nola Senpai in league), watching soccer, reading, and sleep 😀 This is my 4th semester in Cal Rotaract, where I’ve been a Fellowship chair (so i know how to win fam of semester hehe) and I am a current Interact chair! I’m so excited to be an O’Neils head with y’all this semester, and I can’t wait for all the movie nights, discord league sessions, and other fun stuff we’re gonna do :0 I’m also a pretty spontaneous person and always down to try new stuff, whether that’s cool online things this semester or fun things in Berkeley when we’re back in person 😮 I also love food and eating in general, whether that’s boba, ramen, or literally anything else hehe so join me and Nola on food adventuresss! Whether we have any of the same interests or none, I can’t wait to meet u all and me and Nola will always be here for y’all uwu

Nola Vu

Heyo mah frands~ (if you understand this reference, I already love you and you belong in the O’Neils <3) It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name is Nola [Senpai] (as in the nickname for New Orleans, LA) and I’m from South San Francisco, CA! I’m a junior majoring in MCB and Public Health and this is my 6th semester in Rotaract (I was previously the historian and then one of the vice presidents). Though I am of a short stature (as Aady and friends will remind you in case you forget), I really like to eat and cook food and am looking forward to sharing my creations with you all one day (when things are in person, i promise you will be fed well). I’ve very recently and reluctantly gotten into playing league and looking at tiktoks, so if you’re mildly interested but also wanna keep yourself accountable, i’m down to help you out! If you find yourself on the more introverted or shy side (especially on Zoom!), I totally feel you! I’ve always been very introverted at first but i’m hoping that me and aady can help you feel more comfortable and most importantly, we can help foster a smaller, tight-knit community within the big club that is Rotaract. P.S. height reveal if you join the O’Neils