Family System

What’s the Family System?

Because Rotaract is a large club, we have created the Family System to promote close-knit bonds among our members and to provide as many opportunities for people to get to know one another as possible. This semester, Rotaract is introducing a modified Family System so that members can have an intimate and enjoyable experience while performing worthwhile community and international service.

Throughout the semester there will be various family events planned by the Fellowship Co-Chairs for families to bond and compete with other families. Each family will plan and communicate with each other through a Facebook page, where the Fellowship Co-Chairs will post additional small challenges for families that will be presented at general meetings. In addition to the official club events, all individual families will get to plan activities and socials together such as dinners, late night boba runs, study sessions, game nights, trips to San Francisco, and more!

How to Apply

To join the Family System, you must be a paying member and fill out the membership application under the Membership tab or attend Family Night during Welcome Week!

Fill out the Family preference form here!

Feel free to contact the Fellowship Co-Chairs at [email protected] if you have any questions!