Fred Family

Family Heads: Forrest McCann, Sam Perkins

About the Freds Family

FREDS: Family, Fun, Friendship ← Facts.

F is for Freds who do stuff together

U is for you and us

N is for anywhere, anytime at all

Right now in the quarantine!

If that didn’t make you cringe, this is the family for you.

Whether we’re zooming, studying together, getting food, or getting noise complaints the Freds has it all!

“You’re a Fred till dead”- every Freds Alumni

Finally, if you need any more reasons to join the Freds, here are some:

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Meet Your Freds Family Heads of Fall 2020:

Forrest McCann

Hey there! My name is Forrest! I am a sophomore studying mathematics. When I’m not doing homework, I enjoy getting outside and helping people. Some things I do include hiking, backpacking, photography, skiing, reading (especially math textbooks, bless up Dummit and Foote), running, SUP,  and swimming (more like drowning). I’m originally from South Lake Tahoe. Hopefully we can all get outside again, sooner or later; sucks being stuck inside. Feel free to hit me up with any questions (especially about Rotaract or math)!

Sam Perkins

Hey everyone! I’m Sam, I’m a fourth year majoring in Econ with a minor in French. I’m a big fan of football (got to rush the field last year at Stanford) and baseball. Right now I’m at home way up in Norcal, but I’ll be in Berkeley from time to time throughout the semester. As it is I spend most of my time studying, lifting weights, skimboarding and being super lazy. In non-covid times I like to have people over, go to San Francisco, and play dodgeball on the Rotaract Cc-ed intramural team (I don’t want to brag, but we’re champions). 

I’m pretty isolated in my hometown so I’m always down to jump on a zoom call to hang out, play games, or even just study