Parent Officers

  • Alyssa Liu
  • Joan Hu
  • Alex Lazich
  • Stanley Ho


  • Anthony Wong
  • Beth Chang
  • Calvin Huang
  • Christine Nguyen
  • Haruka Senju
  • Helen Guo
  • Ishvaku Vashishtha (Ish)!
  • Ivan He
  • Janel Weatherly
  • Jiwan Kim*
  • Judy Huang
  • Leeza Cruz
  • Ly Kouv
  • Maggie Grazela
  • Peter Chung
  • Rosemarie De La Melena
  • Shasun Sulur
  • Varun Pakanati
  • Vivian Nguyen

About us:

We are the awesome beautiful O’Neil family. Come just look at us, you can be like us! Be amazing like O’Neil who is a former Berkeley Rotary president. He was also the lead psychiatrist at the El Cerrito maximum security prison. Look at that, amazing, join us.

If looking beautiful and being amazing doesn’t entice you, maybe you share some of our interests. A tribute to food and our future adventures:

A Whole New Taste (Parody of A Whole New World – Aladdin)
We can show you how to eat
Spicy, delicious, fooooood
Tell me, buddy, now when did
You last eat so many things?
We can open your eyes
make you fatter and fatter
Over, sideways and under
on a constant foodie ride
A whole new taste
A new fantastic flavor feel
Someone to tell you no and where to go
And say there’s something better
– O’Neils

Down to make quesadillas? Burritos? Brunch? We going to do that. Want a tight family? A study group? Small hang outs? We promise that. Socials, if we can make it happen, we will do them. We are also open to suggestions to make this OUR family. Our colors is Pink, thanks right pink, so come over and join the dar… O’Neils!! Remember “U smaht, u loyal, join the Oneilz, major key.”