Parent Officers

  • Joanna Chau
  • Boz Bueno
  • Alyssa Liu

Parent Officers

  • Dolly Lin
  • Linken
  • Sarah Hagadone
  • Kayla Sancada
  • Carlo Rene Sarangaya Casalme
  • Daniel Vazquez
  • Sarah Wang
  • Vanessa Tsan
  • DongWon Shin
  • Emily Tze
  • Jackie Walia
  • Katie Wu
  • Mahira Aly Ahmed
  • Andrea Anaya
  • Thomas Lee

About us:

Introducing both the cutest and most thug family of all the Rotaract Families, the Paul$: 

If you love eating brunch, thai food, or pretty much any kind of food, go out on food adventures with Joanna and explore the culinary options that Berkeley has to offer. As a fourth year Rotaract Grandma, Joanna will give you that parental smothering affection you thought you left back at home. Now go study. ):<

Boz loves any and all card games — black jack, speed, Texas hold’em, you name it — always down to play. He simply cannot leave the house without spiking his hair. He has a weakness for awful Sci-Fi and horror movies; the two combined are even better. Ghost Shark has a special place in his heart.

Alyssa’s hobbies include complaining about politics and Texas, asking about your day, and baking peach cobbler. If you want an affectionate mother who happens to curse a lot, Alyssa is your gal. She’ll watch any movie with you, critique any art piece, and bake you fine goods when you’re sad.

Combined with how much of a Dad Boz is, a grandma like Jo, and a Mom like Alyssa, the Paul$ are your one-stop destination for a perfect family.