Parent Officers

  • Vivian Nguyen
  • Karina Ruiz Garcia
  • Mathew Madain
  • Sam Kim


  • Danny Chera
  • Isaac Avila
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Jenny Chumbe
  • Joanna Chau
  • Jonathan Tau
  • Justin Tan
  • Karen Hu
  • Matthew Stout
  • Nini Liu
  • Ragini Ghosh
  • Stephanie Sek
  • Stephen Cho
  • Sujin Byeon
  • Theodore Huynh
  • Timlan Wong
  • Vanessa Tsan
  • Virginia Suarez

About us:

Hi Ya’ll! We are the Shawns! Our family is named after Shawn, a local rotarian (he came to our first General Meeting)! Get ready for some funsies and a lotta love! You should totes join our family because it’s gonna be lit. TBH, we’re probably just gonna troll around all the time and drink boba and get dank food (Sam got hookups to dining commons). Or maybe do some productive things too. But taking spontaneous adventures isn’t out of the question either! We’re open to what y’all want to do! Just goin with the flow. So be there or be square. Like DJ Khaled says, the keys to success are joining the Shawns.