Rotaract Socials

While Rotaract emphasizes the importance of community service through our local and international committees, we, along with with the Family chair, manufacture strong bonds between our members and the officer board by planning fun activities. From hikes up to the Big C/Indian Rock to our monthly movie series cinemas, our socials cultivate an unforgettable bonding experience. We’ll always be here planning the events, so it’s up to you to come out, make new connections, and enjoy the upcoming memories that will happen! Everyone is welcome to join our socials, so come join in the fun!

Watch out for upcoming events, and definitely approach us if you have any questions or concerns!


Planned with much precision, the Rotaract banquet occurs at the end of the semester during dead week to congratulate members for their commitment to service throughout the academic term and (honestly) to take a break from the stress of finals season. Sporting fancy semi-formal outfits, our honorary guests will be on the edge of their seats when the board introduces newly selected officers for the next semester, will be thrilled by special guest performances, and will be in lots of photos to remember the night. Tickets are sold on Sproul during regular tabling hours, but if you can’t make it to our table, you can always contact our officers.

Want to make this a memorable experience?

If you have a brilliant idea for Rotaract’s next awesome social, don’t be afraid to contact our Fellowship Co-Chairs, Da’Shaun Stewart and Carla Moreno at [email protected]!