Mac-Oscars Family

Family Heads: Maureen Muñoz, Mika Huynh

About the Mac-Oscars Family

Tbh we don’t know what to say, BUT THAT’S OKAY! We’ll support each other every step of the way! Hello! We are the MAC OSCARS! Who are we? What do we do? Well that’s up to you! If you’re down to hang with some down-to-earth people, this is the family for you! We’re just here for a good time. Down for literally anything and everything. So let’s chat, study, jam, eat, game, cry, have watch parties, whatever we feelin x)

Meet Your Mac-Oscars Family Heads of Spring 2021:

Maureen Muñoz

Hello hello! My name is Maureen and I like doing literally a lot of things. BUT first and foremost, I’m a Civil and Environmental Engineering major with a minor in Public Policy, and I’m an International Committee co-chair. I absolutely LOVE to travel, and the beach is my second home. I really miss crashing into huge waves 🙁 that quarantine life. I also love music, dance, nature, hiking, puzzles, fitness, and yoga. Normally I’m out and about traveling with my family and friends, BUT nowadays, you can find me streaming a variety of games on Twitch, creating Tiktoks, or creating channel art or emotes 😀 just sayin, the MacOscars. AMAZING. You should join 😉 Guaranteed fun. 10/10. Plus, Mika’s great. ALSO AMAZING. <3

Mika Huynh

Hi everyone!! My name is Mika, and I’m so excited to meet all of you! A little bit about me: I’m a Molecular and Cell Biology major (yes premed - I die everyday) and I’m a junior transfer so this is my second semester at Berkeley! I’m also one of your co-treasurers this semester! If my friends had to describe me, they’d probably start with my coffee addiction and musical presence (not them getting annoyed at me for always humming/singing…). I’d totally be down to have some jam/study sessions and get coffee (and/or food, always down for food) with y’all post-covid! Whether it be the excessive amounts of coffee or the extreme procrastination, I’m up until who knows when, so always feel free to reach out to rant about whatever! Talk to me about musicals, Harry Potter, or Marvel and I’ll love you forever. Join our family to make forever friends and have the amazing opportunity to have THE famous Twitch streamer Maureen as your family head ;))