Humans of Cal Rotaract

Fall 2018


Why did you join Rotaract?
I mainly joined Rotaract because of my previous experience in Interact. I went to Walnut High School and from there I spent four year in Interact and I had the time of my life. I learned how to network with other members, got and performed immediate service to those in need as well as starting my own international project and I thought it was the best step up from a high school to a more collegiate level. It’s definitely a fun experience for me and I want to see whats it’s like to help others in this community and pretty much meet other new members who can help me gain a better perspective of social service on a collegiate level.

What was your favorite memory from Rotaract?
So far I have two favorite memories. The first one was my buddy. My officer buddy is Eric. We had a 1-on-1 coffee chat and I realized that we had a lot of similar interests, not just in service but also in our majors. We talked for an hour and a half, from everything we enjoy from a business standpoint and what we want to do in our future as well as Rotaract iself. It was a good learning opportunity for me and since I started Rotaract around three weeks in, around the 3rd general meeting time, he helped the transition much easier. The 2nd best memory is Ignitus, where I was able to see a different part of Rotaract that I was not able to see in Interact in high school, which is listening to people speak about environmental issues and things that they are passionate about. It is not just about starting service but listening to others who have done service in the community and having this open forum. So I love listening to others speak because it gives me another perspective on community service.

What committee are you apart of and why did you decide to join the committee?
I am currently apart of the Local and International Committee. I love the International Committee specifically because in high school, as I mentioned before, we were able to start out own international project and I feel like it gives members a greater incentive to perform service in the local community if the objective is to raise money for a larger global cause. When I was a junior, we started off that project and I feel like seeing the impact that you can have on a worldwide scale really makes things more rewarding for me. But it all first begins in the Local Committee. So I think branching between Local and International is really fun for me and also the committee chairs are definitely fun. The meetings are also really fun to just hang out, eat a bit, and just have fun.

What is your music vibe?
I like different types of music so when I study, I like to listen to orchestra music, so I use to play the violin and piano so I love that. But I also love motivational music so whether it is current pop music or rap. So I get a lot of inspiration from lyrics, not necessary the modern rap we have today but like the old rap from early 2000. Those are pretty much my music vibes. I also like EDM, that is my daily walking to class music. I have three different cultures of music that I listen to.

What is your favorite part of campus?
Since I am a business major, I think Haas is like the best in berkeley. It is like another home, it is just something I want to be apart of. I am currently taking 2 classes in that area and I am always happy whenever I step through those big pillars. So that is number one, number two of course is I love the people. The social aspect of campus is amazing. Everyone is super supportive and I feel secure with my future knowing that there are upperclassmen that are always willing to help me out and give me that encouragement and boost whether it be in my academic, extracellular and activities such as Rotaract. Just talking about daily life and personal life, all of that combined make it that much memorable for me.

What was your first impression of Rotaract and how has it changed since then?
My first impression of Rotaract was that this is a club that is very into service and does a lot of events at the same time. It can seem kind of overwhelming especially at the first meeting, where they talk about 4 committees, and each committee having like 5 different events for the semester. And you’re kind of worried about what you want to do… But I think after my first semester, I realized you can do whatever you want and how much you want in Rotaract and you’re not judged for it. It’s a space where you can find your own community and how much you want to be involved in service in your own time. For me, eventually it ended up pulling me in completely… it eventually becomes a tight knit community and you find your group. I think that’s what happened to me, I’ve definitely found some of my closest friends in this club.

If you were to host your own service event, what would it be?
I have hosted service events before, since I was the IC co-chair for 2017. But looking back on it, I would have changed some of them. Like, one of our events was sending books to Africa, and Tracy and I fundraised for the shipping supplies and had a donation drive to send books to Africa, and that was a great event, but i think i would have liked to do more of what IC is doing now — like spreading awareness about volunteerism and the environment. I think that’s more powerful: when you educate people about service instead of just directing them to do service. I would’ve wanted to do more awareness-based events.

Do you have any funny stories from Rotaract events?
I have lots of funny stories! I think, one of my most memorable events, it was Berkeley Project in spring 2016. We ended up going toward the Marina or near the Berkeley aquatic park. it was rainy and windy, and our job was to take out all the weeds in the park — basically just hardcore manual labor so even if we were wearing a raincoat it wouldn’t have helped because it was rainy and windy. So your raincoat would fly off and it was raining the entire time and you were cold… but it was fun. 3 hours of service, and a lot of us felt sick afterwards, but it was amazing because if someone was too tired to pull out a plant, somebody else would swoop in and be like, “you can do it! I’ll help you!” Our lunch came late that day too, so it was funny, but it was a very memorable experience.

If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
There’d be so many places I want to go, but… I would probably like to visit Japan. Cause I’ve been there once and I really liked it, and i’d really like to go back there again.

What was your favorite memory from Rotaract?
I think my favorite memory would be Berkeley Project because that was one of the first service projects I did with Rotaract. It was a very fun, yet very tiring experience! I think my job at the time was to get fertilizer back and forth from the garden we are to a random park next to us, and… that’s like 2 blocks away. I walked 8 miles that day with three other people… It was fun though! I’ve done Berkeley Project almost every semester since that.

What do you think makes Rotaract unique?
I think it’s the community that you meet. I can’t really pinpoint what exactly makes Rotaract so special, it’s more that I think that the kind of people you meet in the club — everyone comes from different place, and might have different views on life. Yet we’re all here to do service together, or make friends… and we ended up here together.

Why did you join Rotaract in the first place?
I was in Interact in high school, so naturally i joined Rotaract when I got to college… I stayed in Rotaract, though, because I found a community here, like really quickly I joined my first family here, went to my first service event, and I think just naturally, I made a lot of friends over a short amount of time. Now this is my seventh semester in Rotaract… I also was an officer, so that was one whole year of that. But I’m still very involved even though I’m not an officer anymore.

Which movie did you watch the most on repeat?
I’ve watched High School Musical so many times I’ve actually lost count… I have High School Musical on DVD and my mom would play it for me on the airplane or whenever we went somewhere… I have a sing-along version too. And I watch it with my best friend every time I go home!

Why did you join Rotaract?
I joined Rotaract because I was apart of Interact in high school for three years and I enjoyed it. I became pretty involved in my senior year. I was an officer for a couple of years. I really liked the community sense [where] everyone is super nice, service above self, everyone is wholesome. I was looking for that in college and Rotaract was the obvious for that since Interact is the high school Rotaract.

Which service event was your favorite so far and why?
I really liked Rebuilding Together because they put a video in their sign up and it was really nice because they interviewed a bunch of people they actually build homes for. It was actually really nice to see the impact that we were having and also they were pretty nice people and it was fun too to clean out their warehouse. I like organizing things so it was satisfying to see what we went into, which was like a mess, then what we left with, a semi-organized warehouse.

If you could host your own service event, what would it be?
If I could choose a service event, I would choose a park event because it is nice to make an impact and go back to the park and see the impact that you have done. I have done a tree planting event, and it is nice to go back to see your trees still alive and growing. You have a physical impact on your community.

If you could snap your fingers and appear somewhere, where would it be?
I can’t snap my fingers. If I could snap my fingers, I would go… to the North Pole. As long as I don’t die. If I had a big jacket, it would be North Pole. or South Pole. One of the poles. Preferred the North Pole because I can meet Santa.

What is your relationship to service?
My relationship with service is very much all for the people I consider myself to be a people person, so that’s why I like doing service — in regards to health care, equity, those are all things that I’m passionate about. So in high school, I was involved with Interact all 4 years, I was VP, so that really allowed me to channel my passions and interests to serve my community, not only locally but also globally, which I really enjoyed. Now that I’m here at Berkeley and being a part of Rotaract, and continuing my Rotary journey, it’s really cool.

If you could host your own service event, what would it be?
Well, since I’m intended Public Health, I would like to do something related to health care and something that increases resources for populations and communities that are underrepresented in the healthcare system. So I really want to work with young… communities that maybe don’t have the resources necessary to really enhance their education — and with their education comes… the knowledge needed to really understand that they have to seek it… I would really want to initiate a project that focuses on delivering resources to those who need them most.

How did you know you wanted to do Public Health?
I actually credit Rotary for that. I’ve always wanted to do something healthcare related, and being a part of Rotary for the past 4 years has really allowed me to serve people and learn how big of a gap there is in communities worldwide. And in seeing this through rotary throughout, I really felt that I needed to go to the next step in healthcare. In channeling my interests in healthcare and people… I felt that health care was the right avenue for me to go on.

If all of your clothes had to be one color, what would it be?
Blue! Because go bears.

What is your theme song?
I really like “Hijo De Su Madre” by Omar Apollo, just because it represents this fiery brown boy who just wants to be successful. One of the lyrics are “You’ve never seen a brown boy like this,” and I think that’s something I relate to because it’s something that’s, like Latinx communities being represented in higher education, and I take pride in being a brown boy and doing these things.

What committees are you a part of and why did you join it?
I joined Local Committee last semester! I think Christine was the one who really got me into Local because she mentioned the events are close by and have a direct impact. Since then, Christine and Eric [the Local Committee chairs] have just been so nice and supportive! When we did Berkeley Project together, I got hurt, and both of them helped me. I remember Eric pulled out his huge first aid kit that he carries around in his backpack. I thought that was really nice of them! … This semester, I’m also trying to join Interact!

Do you have any advice for new members?
I’d say to come out to General Meetings! It’s a really nice way to talk to people and get to wind down after a long day of doing work. Sometimes there’s food too! Also, try to go out to social events! The Fire Trails social was fun. We did a lot of walking but I got to meet a lot of people. The family events are really fun too! One time, Andrew and Kylee made this really nice curry and salmon dinner for us. After, we sat in a circle and played games, and it was really, really fun!

What is something people don’t know about you?
I really like horror novels and manga, like Junji Ito. He has really freaky and crazy, but really good stories! .. If you ever want any really gory recommendations, I gotchu!

If you could go somewhere in the world, where would you go?
I would want to go back to my grandparents apartment in China, because I haven’t seen them in a while and want to see if they’re doing okay!

Why did you join Rotaract?
It goes back to summer right before senior year in high school. I was in my school leadership program, and I went to Camp Royal, a week-long leadership camp. The camp was sponsored by Rotary… when I got accepted to Cal, I went to my old middle school and talked to the adviser and she mentioned that I should join Cal Rotaract at Berkeley. So once I got to college, I looked for Rotaract and here I am now.

What was your favorite service project?
The Prisoners Literature Project. I really enjoyed that because it gives you the opportunity to read letters from prisoners that are trying to better themselves in hopes of contributing back to society once out of the prison system. I think reading and education is a super important path to achieving that.

What is your Harry Potter House?
Ravenclaw, just because they’re like the intellectual kind of hard-working house. Or Gryffindor, because I like the color red.

What is your favorite spot on campus?
I would say the engineering library, Kresge. It’s a good working spot central to where most of my classes are, it’s comfortable, not too quiet like other places where moving a chair is like an earthquake.

How has Rotaract helped you professionally?
As an intern for International Committee… it’s really helped me hone my communication skills and get more experience talking to outside organizations and planning events. Just that external communication I’ve improved and learned a lot — what to do and not to do more. Even like email decorum-wise, I’ve learned to check myself on the little things so you sound professional, which has really helped.

What are you most excited for in Rotaract this semester?
I’m excited for just getting more involved and forming bonds with all of you guys! Giving back to the community, and getting down to the service part of why I got involved, will hopefully inspire me to find more events and get even more people into Rotaract!

What is your favorite movie/TV series?
So I used to be on Tumblr like a lot, so there used to be a couple of shows I was obsessed with… I used to watch Supernatural a lot, and other shows on CW. There’s a lot of really attractive people on there, but also they had really good shows, like the Flash and Arrow, Dr. Who. More recently, I’ve been watching World of Dance… and I finished Bones recently!

What is your music vibe?
I listen to like, everything. But in particular, I’m into alternative and indie, which is like a lot, but I really like specifically folk rock, alternative rock, alternative pop, and stuff… I really like Hozier, alt-J, AJR and Foster the People, Portugal the Man, Flume and Kygo and a bunch of other people whose concert tickets are like $20… yeah, I just really love a lot of types.

What was your favorite service event?
I particularly love the one where we went down to a local high school [Project Peace], because I feel like that was one of the most direct help we’ve given to the community. We went to the local school, helping out the teachers who are probably stressed… and clean up the school to keep things organized. It felt very direct, and I enjoyed that.

What do you think makes Rotaract unique?
I think it’s the atmosphere… Everyone I’ve met in Rotaract is just some of the most welcoming, some of the most passionate, and organized people I’ve seen. From tabling, to families, to meetings, it feels like everything was put together by people who care, and who really want to make sure the club succeeds… Everything just feels like it was made with love. And I think that really makes this club stand out.

What is your favorite movie/TV series?
Oooh. I’m probably going to be called out for being boring here. But I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Star Wars!

If you were a vegetable, what would you be?
Probably like… a bag of spinach. For me at least, it’s not that good on its own, but when you mix it with other stuff, it gets better. I feel like when I’m interacting with people, I do a little better in terms of my own self.

What was your favorite memory from Rotaract? 
That’s a hard one because I feel like every Rotaract memory is my favorite. Okay so, we had the fire trails hike for the families and immediately after my family we went to get food. We couldn’t eat at the restaurant because it was busy and so we ended up going to Eric B.’s apartment. It was my first time being around a lot of Rotaract people because I was new and I was nervous because families are forever now, and I was like, nervous… are they gonna like me? But it ended up being a really good night. We just talked and talked and it made me feel very bonded and really welcome. It gave me something to look forward to at every single meeting because I knew I was going to get to see my family again.
Do you have any funny stories from Rotaract that you would like to share?
It’s funny to see Christine so into her Local Committee because a lot of Rotaract people are on our floor. My favorite thing is to have her talk about Rotaract and have seven people in the hall open their doors and be like, “okay yeah, I’m going”.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
That’s a very interesting question. According to my Dad, it exists. He met my Mom and the moment he saw her he just knew. I would like to believe in it. I think it can exist. I believe it is very rare and those who experience it are very lucky… but I’m not sure if its a common thing… probably not.

What was your favorite memory from Rotaract?

“My favorite memory in Rotaract definitely came about sometime during semester banquet in the Fall of 2016. That was just my first semester as an intern… seeing everything coming together, seeing everyone coming back to celebrate our accomplishments for that semester. That was also the first time that there was a big event where people could see my video editing, which was nice. People came up to me afterward saying that I upped the ante with video editing which was a nice thing to hear. It is always good to feed my ego… and then becoming historian. Oh, and getting member of the semester even though I didn’t sign into anything.”

Do you have any funny stories from Rotaract that you would like to share? 
“Peace Grove. Freshman year, fall semester… we were going through these big cement blocks, so we had to lift them, to level them out. [Allie: “You are distracting from my job.”] We were levelling stuff, and then we came to this one part… I was standing over the hole kind of spread-legged, and then I was lifting the cement block, but what I didn’t realize is that in that moment I actually split my pants. You hear about it in TV shows and all that stuff. You think it wouldn’t actually happen, but… So I tied my sweatshirt around my hips and then kept doing service above self.”

Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you ever met someone who thought they had fell in love at first sight?

“I think I wrote a Facebook post about this. There’s a lot of good writing on there… Sometimes. [Insert plug for Pixelshot] Personally, I’d say it’s possible. But in our generation, it is typically confused with things such as lust or, sort of more romanticized notions of attraction. Base answer is that it is a possibility. A more nuanced answer: I’d say it’s rare. It’s a complicated answer.

“I’m more of a cynic when it comes to relationships because I see my friends and then I immediately jump to conclusions that: oh, it’s not going to work out… But there are cases where I see that it does work out. I’m trying to think of a case where it worked out.

Well, personally, I’ve never had a case of love at first sight, or I can’t guarantee that I’ve ever experienced love because I’m a person who tends to suppress my emotions. Not an emotional person as you can tell from my facial expressions. I don’t know how to answer these questions.

In 6th grade marching band, there was this one person I’ll say it as that I took an interest to. But I knew them technically back in fourth grade because they went to my Chinese school. My interests back then were more so in Pokémon and video games so I wasn’t at that maturity in which I felt the need to enter those interdependent relationships. One of the faults of our generation is that we tend to throw around love loosely, and I don’t use the word as loosely. So love for me, it is an experience that is derived with time.”

What do you think makes Rotaract unique?
“Rotaract is unique because it has so much going on that there is something for everyone, and thus it can bring together people of so many different backgrounds, different interests, and different majors. Yet we all share one thing in common: our passion for community service and our dedication to living with the ideology of “service above self”.
As an EECS major, I feel that without having Rotaract, I might’ve stayed in Berkeley’s CS bubble and not really had as much of a chance to interact with the broader Berkeley community. I decided to join Rotaract partially because I was tired of all the CS clubs that I had tried out my first semester of college and wanted to try something new… something that definitely was not technical… but somewhere where I could feel like I could still make an impact
and work towards making the world a better place. Rotaract was able to give me that opportunity, to be able to work for local initiatives like homeless shelters and city clean-up, think about international issues like polio and the Syrian Refugee crisis, influence the lives of high schoolers (Kevin!), and learn about how otherwises take service into their adult lives.
As we all end up finding out, the biggest impact of this organization on our lives is the friendships and experiences we gain from being part of the Rotaract community. I honestly would not have stayed if not for the wonderful, welcoming, and caring people that you find everywhere in Rotaract, and their clear dedication to making the world a better place, one Saturday morning 8am service event at a time.”

What is your music vibe?
“I’m not too big of a person on music, but most of the times I listen to pop and EDM. It’s kind of like I randomly search around for a good song or good album and then put it on repeat until I get bored of it. Then I let Spotify or Pandora or Youtube autoplay keep on running until I hear anything song or artist that I really like and then keep listening to that. Recently I’ve been listening to 3LAU’s Ultraviolet album, so yeah I guess I would like to go to a concert for that!”


What do you think makes Rotaract unique?
I think everyone is driven towards the same goal of community service. A lot of clubs have some community service but this club serves someone at every event and there’s a lot of variety in the types of projects.
What committee(s) are you a part of, and why did you decide to join it?
Local Committee because I wanted to help the community around me more. It’s fun because I get to go to parts of Berkeley that I’ve never been to. I really liked the campus tours because I got to talk to a middle schooler and she was really interested and already thinking about college a lot. I really enjoyed being able to help answer her questions.
What is your music vibe?
I usually listen to other people’s playlists. I like the Lumineers and I would probably go see them in concert. I like upbeat but not majorly upbeat music, generally happy music. My current favorite song is Catch and Release by Matt Simons.

What was your first impression of your family? What are you looking forward to with them?
Once I found out who was in my family and who could potentially be in my family I was really relieved and happy I got them [Fred’s]. They were so nice and friendly. I think they were the first people to talk to, or at least the first officers I became friends with so I was really glad I got them as parents. I really just look forward to building that kind of family bond here at school because I’m so far away from my actual family.
What is the most interesting niche Facebook group you are in?
I don’t join that many groups because I don’t use social media often… I’m mostly in informative groups like Free & For Sale. I guess Overheard and the meme page or the weirdest. Man, I don’t have a life.

If you could host your own service event, what would it be?
I would build a playground. I did that once with the Rotary in my town and it was a lot of fun. I’ve done a lot of service events to clean up, but I think playgrounds add a lot to the people you’re trying to help. Kids will be using it for years to come, and I had a hand in making that. And they’re fun, ya know. Mostly just bring the most joy to whoever you’re trying to help.
What is the most interesting niche Facebook group you are in?
Nothing super impressive, but there’s a community news facebook where they talk smack and they always post warrant Wednesdays for who ever got arrested in our time and one time the person who they were on the lookout for commented on the post and a cop replied to it. Other than that, I used to be in a goat Facebook page, but not for goats, for people who have goats.

What is your favorite memory from Rotaract?
“I think the Take to the Hills event on Saturday — it’s one of the major activities I did with Rotaract so far. Not only was it fun to do service but after, everyone who volunteered, we all had brunch together at Clark Kerr. We were talking about the [Myers-Briggs] personality test, and I figured that a lot of Rotaract people are similar. Not only did we see that through the personality test, but we talked about how even if we’re playing competitive games or crossing the line sometimes, it’s still controlled, sweet, and really cute. That made me feel like Rotaract people are very similar to each other in that we all think about how other people feel and are really kind toward everyone. Everyone is always trying to help each other. For example, on the second General Meeting, as soon as I walked into the room, I was welcomed by Justin. He asked me what my name was, and introduced me to a ton of people. It’s hard to find that kind of caring environment in some other clubs!”
What is your theme character and why?
“My theme movie character is the fox from Zootopia. Like Nick, I like fun stuff, I’m really naughty sometimes, but I care about my friends, and I care about justice. Also, I’m really playful, and I have a lot of emotions and facial expressions as him too!”

 What was your favorite memory from Rotaract?
“Surprisingly enough, my favorite memory from Rotaract so far isn’t a big event like stayover or volunteering for a cause close to my heart, even though I could go on for days about how much I love those experiences as well. For me, my favorite moment happened after the recent Fire Trails Social when my family group had a chance to connect and get to know each other better. After searching far and wide for a suitable restaurant for dinner, we went back to an apartment to eat, play meme-filled games, and thoroughly interrogate each person with a (somewhat friendly) game of hot seat. Cramped into a living room with music playing in the background, all of us were able to forget any worries of schoolwork or personal lives for a moment as we took the time to- simply put, talk. I felt extremely comfortable sharing bits and pieces of myself with others, and I loved being able to hear about other people’s lives as well as we all tried to get to know each other better. I find this type of connection to be quite special, and I’m so thankful to have been able to share it with the wonderful members of the Mac-Oscar Family.”
What is your theme song?
“Although I’m tempted to choose from some of my favorite songs by The Beatles, my theme song would be “Come on Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners. This answer isn’t based of the lyrics and content of the song; rather, this selection is based on how the song makes people feel. Whenever “Come on Eileen” plays, I can’t help but feel a sudden urge to drop everything I’m doing and dance like I’m back in elementary school putting on a house-held performance for my parents. The song is electric, catchy, and filled with fantastic moments to belt out dramatic singing notes that truly only belong within the confines of my shower. While listening to the song, I don’t care about how I look or how horrible my singing is, as I’m far too busy dramatically serenading the poor person that happens to be sitting next to me. The song truly captures my chaotic mind and overly-excited personality with a blasting energy that never fails to brighten my day.”

Which service event was your favorite and why?
“I’m not sure if this is considered a service event, but my favorite event over the course of the semester was the Interact Committee’s Stayover. It was awesome getting to know the interactors, and I felt like I was able to get closer to a lot of fellow rotaractors as well. Before the stayover I felt like I wasn’t super connected to Rotaract yet. After the stayover I felt I had reaffirmed my commitment to service, and felt so lucky that I was able to be at Cal.”
What is your favorite meme?
“Oh my gosh, there are too many to think about. My favorite meme is probably the white guy blinking gif though! Everytime I look at the gif I can’t help but burst into laughter. I feel like it’s one of those gifs that you can use to react to anything with.”

What committee are you a part of, and why did you decide to join it?
“Predominantly, I have been in International Committee. A reason is that it doesn’t require me to devote a gigantic space of my time. But also a lot of the stuff that IC has done is impactful. Even though I enjoy being able to see the impact that is done directly, like Local Committee does, knowing that people outside of our country might need more help than people here. Knowing that, and being able to help them, either through fundraising or sending stuff over, always makes me happy that I can actually help people that I don’t necessarily see. One project that was interesting was when we helped fundraise to support different girls in poor regions last semester. We sent money and different gifts over, and I thought that was interesting — that we were able to help them a little bit here and there, and do some good.”
What is your favorite meme?
“Something that has grown on me just because it’s kind of funny is that red background with the “B.” It’s so random, but surprisingly hilarious when it comes up and doesn’t make sense. That, and the “sad reacts only” comment. I’ve kind of taken that to heart more than I should have.

What is your relationship to service?
I have always tried to get involved in service because I personally believe that if one is not making a positive impact on others, there is no real point to living. In elementary school, my service was through serving in student government. I wanted to be able to make an impact on the school by creating fun events for students and to educated people about recycling and protecting the environment. In high school, I got involved working with organizations. I volunteered for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, Habitat for Humanity, and the Union Station Homeless Services. When I went to Cal, I did not join a service organization and I felt that there was something missing in my life. So my Sophomore year, I joined Rotaract and finally felt like I was doing something important with my life.
What emoji describes you the most?
The crying laughing face emoji probably describes me the most. It is my most frequently used one, sometimes three times in a row, and it really shows my personality. I love making jokes and being around funny people. Although it is important to be serious in certain times, there is always a good time and reason to laugh. 

What was your favorite memory from Rotaract?
I have two favorite memories from Rotaract! The first one was at Vida Warehouse, and it was such a simple but effective service project that shows how such small actions can have an international impact. My other favorite (non-service) memory was our family social to San Francisco. I love how such a variety of people can all come together and be friends; I was never bored throughout the day. Although this wasn’t a service event, I still believe it showcased the sense of community that service events have.
What emoji describes you the most?
The emoji that describes me the most is sleeping emoji because I’m constantly tired. During the first week back here at Cal, I have taken a nap every day so far. 8 am’s are definitely taking their toll on me!