Surveys for Members

We are always looking to improve your experience with us at Cal Rotaract, and would love to hear your feedback on all of our events and activities. Please feel free to take the time to complete our surveys to let us know where we can improve.

WW: Committee Night2/4/2021
WW Family Night2/5/2021
WW Service Event2/6/2021
Rotary Mixer2/7/2021
Little/Big System Pre-Social2/15/2021
IC Self-Care Social2/19/2021
LoCo Initiate Justice Mail Night2/20/2021
Little/Big System Big Reveal Social2/27/2021
Letters for Elders Introduction3/3/2021
Family Trivia3/5/2021
Letters to Elders Workshop3/6/2021
LoCo Unconcious Bias Project3/12/2021
Mini Little/Big System Social3/13/2021
Professional Dev. Event3/15/2021
Interact Minecraft Tour3/20/2021
LoCo Initiate Justice Mail Night #23/21/2021
Fellowship Creativity Polooza4/2/2021
Interact Zooniverse + Social4/4/2021
GM #44/6/2021