Chairs Fall 2011

Local Service Co-chairs

Tuhina Das

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Pre-Business/Political Economy and Language Minor
SERVICE PASSIONS: Working with children, education/language exchange, health issues
HOBBIES: Tennis, piano, watching sports, violin, dance, learning languages, travel, being online
CONTACT: [email protected] – but the best way is Facebook!
ABOUT ME: Hey everyone, I’m Tuhina and I’m so excited to be the Local Committee co-chair again this semester! My favorite thing about service is that we’re able to reach out to so many people in our own communities and across the world and put aside our social/racial differences for a greater benefit. I hope that through Rotaract, I can continue to support issues near and far so that in these rough days, everyone finds this a better world to be in. When I’m not volunteering, I love listening to k-pop, eating orange tic tacs, traveling (ask me where I’ve been! I love to spread cultural awareness), playing/watching sports (Lakers!), attempting to sing, dancing, and exploring NorCal. Talk to me, and let’s have a great time this semester!

Marina Liang

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Pre-Business/Psychology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Helping the elderly, saving our planet (Go green!), increasing the self-esteem of children and young teens, and striving to save children from malnutrition and other ailments such as physical deformities or disease
HOBBIES: Dancing (don’t think I’m crazy if you see me doing random dance steps when I think no one is looking), singing (poorly), drawing, making jewelry, and yoga
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi there! I love to laugh and I love meeting new people. I am nerdy and dorky and bubbly. An interesting fact about me is that I am a mix of French and five different Asian ethnicities. I am from Los Angeles (please don’t tell me I have an “LA girl” accent!) but I absolutely love the Bay Area! This is my third semester in Rotaract. I was in Interact through all of high school, and I am excited to be your Local Committee Co-chair this year! It’s going to be a blast. I am very easygoing and fun to talk to, and I am a great listener, so don’t be shy! If you have any questions, holler at me ๐Ÿ˜€

National Service Co-chairs

Erin Gunter

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
Major: Anthro and Poli Sci with a minor in PACS
SERVICE PASSIONS: I absolutely love all of the hands on projects! You will always find me at Rebuilding Together, making WAPIs, or sewing blankets!
HOBBIES: Dancing, baking, tennis, archery, volleyball, travel, laughing
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi I’m Erin and I am your Natonal Committee Co-Chair this semester! Rotaract is amazing, because we combine community service and hanging out with awesome new people! I am excited to go on some great family socials, like rock climbing this year! My favorite type of community service are hands on projects! I really love them, because you can actually see that you are making a difference! You can count on National Committee to have at least a couple hands on projects this semester! Apart from volunteering, I love to dance, have fun, try new things, and laugh a lot. I also am an avid baker, and I love giving away baked goods (especially at my National Committee Meetings!). I am known to make a mean snickerdoodle!

Barbara Chu

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
Major: Pre-Business/Psychology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Hands-on projects, crafts such as friendship bracelets, paper cranes, stuffed animals, painting houses, fundraiser walks
HOBBIES: Tennis, knitting, blogging, cooking, eating!, exploring, listening to music, reading, shopping
CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi, I’m Barbara! I was in Interact in high school and wanted to continue to do service so I joined Cal Rotaract. I have expanded the kinds of service projects I have helped at and have seen this organization really make a difference in this world! Other than service, I love to go look for new places to eat, trying out new foods. I will almost never get the same thing twice. I am definitely from Socal, which you can tell by the way I talk, but I am keeping an open mind about Norcal, learning all the cool things the Bay Area has to offer. I love meeting new people and I would love to get to know you at our Rotaract events!

International Service Co-chairs

Amy Edmonds

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Intended Public Health
SERVICE PASSIONS: International health, community based projects, environmental and DIY projects
HOBBIES: Service (of course), Exploring, cooking, baking, watching documentaries, service, singing and playing guitar (badly)
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hey everyone! My name is Amy and I am so glad that I joined Rotaract last year! I was really impressed by how much of a difference Cal Rotaracters can make and by how everyone really makes you feel like family! (Haha especially those in your family) Rotaract is awesome because through itโ€™s service events not only are you helping the world (locally, nationally, or globally), you get to have a lot of fun and meet a lot of cool people while doing so. Not only do you get to feel warm and fuzzy inside for helping others, but you get to feel warm and fuzzy inside for helping others with your friends! Basically, I think Rotaract is a really cool club. More about me? Well, I love keeping busy, exploring new places and foods, and just hanging out. Oh, and know that I have a major sweet tooth and am drawn to really bright colors. So if you see someone wearing a bright yellow something and eating a cookie as big as her face…that’s probably me!

Katherine Zhang

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Political Science
SERVICE PASSIONS: International relations, fixing infrastructure/cleaning up, fundraising for policy issues, etc.
HOBBIES: Basketball, shopping, eating, cooking, facebooking, hiking, exploring new places
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi Everyone. My name’s Katherine Zhang and I’m the International Committee Co-Chair. I’ve always been really interested in global studies and international relations, so I’m very honored to play a part in reaching out in as many possible ways to people all over the world. It is difficult to see the daily struggles of people around the world when we are all so privileged in more ways than one. I joined Rotaract to play a part in giving back as much as I can, as well as for the diverse, wonderful people that I’ve met along the way. I enjoy spending my free time hanging out with my friends, shopping, or reading a really interesting political science book. I probably will be eating the majority of the time that you meet me because I am a huge foodie. Feel free to come talk to me about whatever. I am extremely excited for this coming semester!