Chairs Spring 2010

Archive of Spring 2010’s Committee Chairs

Act for Sight Co-Chairs

Kyle Hu

kyle-huYEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate MAJOR: MCB SERVICE PASSIONS: Helping to build things (both physical and emotional) that can last and will be used HOBBIES: Sleeping, eating, reading CONTACT: [email protected] ABOUT ME: Hi I’m Kyle, I’m one of the co-chairs for the Act for Sight committee. I’m really looking forward to a great semester of service and fun. I enjoy eating a lot, so if anyone wants to go out to go get some food let me know =]. Other things, I like to read, try on random clothes that I have no intention of buying, and listening to my random assortment of Asian music that I can’t understand.

Kimberley Nguyen

kim-nguyen YEAR: 1st, Undergraduate MAJOR: Integrative Biology (Pre-med) SERVICE PASSIONS: interactive/hands on, health-care related, working with kids, environmental, international and local, but really anything that will help someone that needs it HOBBIES: Anything fun!, trying/learning new things, traveling, tennis, music, reading, time with friends & family, karaoke, learning dances, swimming, internet, laughing, languages, and volunteering/charity work. CONTACT: [email protected] ABOUT ME: Hello all! I’m Kimberley and I’m going to be your co-committee chair for Act for Sight! It’s a great program to have as part of Rotaract and my Co and I will try our best to keep it going well this semester. I personally enjoy volunteering and always try to lend a helping hand to those in need and I feel that service is a big part of my life; I even did > 800 hours of it throughout high school! I try to be a friendly and approachable person who likes to smile a lot. When not consumed with academics I love to get involved and try new things, so you’ll always find me running around doing something since I like to keep myself busy. Interact was awesome and now I’m so happy to be able to continue on with Rotaract in college.

International Co-Chairs

Richard Lan

richard-lan2YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate MAJOR: EECS SERVICE PASSIONS: <passionately>I love all kinds of service events, but especially working on international projects, which is why I’m an International Service Committee co-chair.</passionately> HOBBIES: Computer programming, aviation, learning about history, trying to hold conversations that are not awkward CONTACT: [email protected] ABOUT ME: I spend too much time working in Soda Hall and not enough time hanging out with friends. The three steps to remedying this are: 1. Come to one of Rotaract’s awesome events and talk to me. 2. Become my friend. 3. Come visit me in Soda Hall!

Sophia Wang


YEAR: 1st, Undergraduate MAJOR: Political Science and Sociology SERVICE PASSIONS: Working with children and the homeless. HOBBIES: Eating, playing Tetris and Zuma, napping, volunteering, dancing, being spontaneous and enjoying life. CONTACT: [email protected] ABOUT ME: Hello! My name is Sophia, and I’m super excited to be your co-international chair for this semester. I look forward to getting to know all of you, and I hope you all find Rotaract to be as amazing as I have. Aside from Rotaract, I’m also involved in Dance Marathon, KALX, and Writer Coach Connection. Last but not least, please find me on Facebook, Twitter and AIM (sophiastication) and help distract me from my ridiculous amount of readings.

Local Co-Chairs

Kim Arciniega

kim-arciniega2YEAR: 1st, Undergraduate MAJOR: Architecture SERVICE PASSIONS: Working with Children especially those who are disadvantaged HOBBIES: sketching, writing, photographing, dancing CONTACT: [email protected] ABOUT HIM/HER: I am Kim and I am the Local Service Committee Co-Chair along with Jenny. I was in Interact in high school so I joined Rotaract here at Cal and I like it. I am from Riverside County in Southern California. I am a clumsy kind of gal who loves listening to the Beatles and making funny faces. I am also very interested in getting to know a lot of new folks so contact me if you have any questions or just want to chat.

Jenny Yu

jenny-yu2YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate MAJOR: Landscape Architecture SERVICE PASSIONS:I like to be a helpful person. HOBBIES: Napping at memorial glade and exploring strawberry creek. CONTACT: [email protected] ABOUT ME: I am the local service committee co-chair. I think that everyone should lend a helping hand to others in need, so the world can become a better and friendlier place. GO Berkeley! G

Relay for Life Team Co-Coordinators

Vicky Lai

vicky-lai2YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate MAJOR: Sociology, Society & Environment, minor in Music SERVICE PASSIONS: Helping old people, making things, greening HOBBIES: Playing with my dog, knitting, eating, watching movies, playing Wii CONTACT: [email protected] ABOUT HIM/HER: Hello world! My name is Vicky and I love service! I was involved in Interact (District 5170) in high school, have been to RYLA, and am inspired to one day become a Rotarian! Furthermore, I have been involved in Relay for Life since high school and this will be my fifth year as a captain of a team. You should definitely join our team or donate to this great cause! Anyways, I love dogs, especially my German Shepherd! My favorite TV show is Glee and I hate eggs! I also sing and play the piano and violin.

Will Zhang

will-zhang2YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate MAJOR: Computer Science SERVICE PASSIONS: Building things or anything that is hands-on or requires manual labor. HOBBIES: Hanging out with friends, swimming, and playing games. CONTACT: [email protected] ABOUT ME: Hello, I’m Will. I was in Interact during high school and was Sergeant at Arms. If you’re wondering what that is, feel free to ask me the next time you see me. I enjoy helping people because it gives me a warm feeling inside. Rotaract is the most awesome club because of the wide variety of events we have. When I’m not swapped with CS projects, I love going on crazy adventures at night with my friends.