Interns Spring 2014

Historian Interns


Judy Li


Year: Freshmen
Major: Undeclared
Service Passions: Local projects, Education, Working with low-income families, helping children
Hobbies: I LOVE hiking, swimming, and running with my three dogs!
Why Rotaract: I was in Interact ever since high school and instantly fell in love with the club’s motto, “Service Above Self.” I enjoy helping others and love contributing to my community!
About me: My name is Judy Li and I’m the social media intern. I’m from Los Angeles, California and I am half Chinese and half Mongolian. I love animals and have three dogs, 76 Japanese koi fishes, and two birds. I’m in love with action movies and enjoy watching the Fast and Furious series! During my free time, I like sunbathing and listening to Beethoven. I also enjoy watching crime shows like CSI, Law and Order, Criminal minds, and The Investigators. One of my greatest passions is volunteering because I love the warm, fuzzy feeling I get when I see others smile. Volunteering simply allows my happiness to flourish. Overall, I really enjoy being involved, helping the poor, and giving back to my community!


Danielle McGuinness


Year: 2nd
Major: Integrative Biology Service Passions: Anything and everything hands-on and interactive in the local community—soup kitchens, beautification and clean up, working with kids, fundraising.
Hobbies: Food adventures, people-watching, singing… a lot, cheering for my Giants at AT&T Park, dim sum, Zumba, Instagram (it’s kind of an unhealthy addiction), running, hiking
Why Rotaract: From the first general meeting I attended as a timid freshman, I knew that this was truly a special club. I’m constantly inspired by Rotaract’s presence on this campus and our capability to have an impact in our local and international communities. Rotaract has been a formative aspect of my college experience, and for that I am eternally grateful!
About Me: Hi there, I’m Danielle! I’m incredibly excited and lucky to be a photo intern this semester under the guidance of the talented Leena Vo. I was on the Officer Board last year as co-fellowship chair, and I guess old habits die hard because here I am yet again- and I love it! Aside from service and Rotaract, I love pugs, tea, making music, planning trips around the world, aimlessly wandering and adventuring, ugly face contests, and generally embarrassing myself in public… so if you enjoy any of those things (and even if you don’t), let’s be friends! And if you see me snapping away behind the camera at an event or meeting, please come introduce yourself and smile!


Jasmine Schatz


Year: Freshman
Major: L&S, Undeclared
Service Passions: International projects, community clean-ups, or any service project (especially with Rotaract)!
Hobbies: Photography, playing soccer, doodling, playing the flute, skiing, snowboarding, making pancakes, and traveling!
Why Rotaract: I became involved in Rotary during my senior year of high school, when I studied abroad through their Youth Exchange Program. I fell in love with the entire Rotary family, and with the feeling of having a support system that reached every part of the globe. After my exchange, I joined Rotaract in my hometown to stay involved in the Rotary family, which led me to Cal Rotaract!
About me: Hey guys! I’m Jasmine from Eureka, California. I am so happy to be one of your historian interns this semester! I love being behind the lens (feel free to jump in front any time), that way everyone always seems to smile at me… might have something to do with the camera, but keep it up, you guys have beautiful smiles! When I’m not at an event, I am probably eating late night at Foothill or organizing my room (productive procrastination is one of my specialties). I speak Italian fluently and am a little obsessed with Italy in general, so if you’re interested in learning some Italian or just talking about travel (or anything at all for that matter) come say hi!!

Chi-Lan Tran


Year: 1st year
Major: Pre-Haas/Media Studies & Political Science
Service Passions: International poverty and education
Hobbies: Photography & shopping!
Why Rotaract: As a past Interact officer in high school, I knew I wanted to continue my involvement with Rotary in college, and what better way than through Cal Rotaract?
About Me: Hi, I’m Chi-Lan, but everyone calls me Chichi! I’m honored to be this semester’s video intern. Mixing my favorite collegiate organization with a hobby of mine (videography and photography) is a dream. I’m from the Bay Area, and I was heavily involved with Rotary in high school, which led me to want to pursue it further at UC Berkeley. I love exploring new places and traveling, going to concerts, and am heavily addicted to peach green tea. If you ever need someone to try a new restaurant with you, hit me up – foodies unite! GO BEARS & SERVICE ABOVE SELF.