Officers Fall 2011

Brian Ma, Co-President

YEAR: 4th, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Bioengineering/Pre-Med
SERVICE PASSIONS: Environmental Clean Ups, Rebuilding Projects, and Youth Events
HOBBIES: Ping Pong, Karaokes, Night Driving, Movies, Anime, Reading, Video Games, Sleeping, Chats, and Food
CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hey everyone! My name is Brian and I’ll be one of your Co-Presidents, (along with Kyle Wang) for 2011. I’m really excited to be a part of this awesome board and hope to introduce some memorable, fun, and beneficial community projects. Interact was a large part of my high school life and so I am happy to be back under the Rotary banner. This is a great club for everyone to meet new people, make new friends, and most importantly, give back to ones community. Besides Rotaract, I really enjoy exploring new food destinations. I’m a real Foodie and I love the details in life. My friends know me as the guy with the headphones because I always have them on during our General Meetings. If you see a short Asian with white headphones, don’t be shy and say hi! Also, feel free to add me on Facebook if you want.

Kyle Wang, Co-President

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Business Administration and Psychology
SERVICE PASSIONS: International social ventures in water and economic development
HOBBIES: Sleep therapy, rock climbing, circuit training, and outdoor recreation
CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected]
ABOUT ME: I have been in the Rotary International family for a long time now. Ever since being part of Interact in high school, becoming President, and then onward to District Council in District 5170, it was a natural decision for me to join Rotaract. I’m originally born in New York (the Big Apple!), then lived in Taiwan between ages 2 – 12, then to my current home in the Bay Area – Fremont, CA. I love meeting new people, and learning new things! So please do not hesitate to come talk to me, because I would probably come meet you anyways! I look forward to another amazing semester with Rotaract, and hope that I can do well serving you all again as Co-President in 2011.

Eugenia Ho, Vice President

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: History of Art (possibly a Practice of Art minor)
SERVICE PASSIONS: Rebuilding Projects, International Projects
HOBBIES: Watching movies, reading Wikipedia articles, playing video games, listening to music, doing something creative
CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected] (or Facebook!)
ABOUT ME: Howdy, I’m Eugenia! I’ve been in Rotaract since freshman year, and I’m stoked to be your Vice President this semester. Community service has always been a huge part of my life, I was in Leo Club and Interact in high school. When I’m not reading a gazillion books for my major, I’m usually surfing the web, playing games, or watching movies. I’m very chill and laid-back, so feel free to come up and say hi! I have a lot of interests, so I’m sure we’ll find something to talk about. 😀

Audrey Guo, Secretary

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Economics and Math
SERVICE PASSIONS: Working with Children, the Community, and the Environment
HOBBIES: Badminton, Art, Piano, Reading, Cooking
CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hey! I’m Audrey, and I’m so excited to be an officer for Rotaract this year! I’ve met so many great people through Rotaract, and I can’t wait to get to know you better! I’m really into anything art-related, and I love drawing & reading, although I wish I had more time to spend on them. Recently I’ve gotten into cooking/baking as well, especially experimenting with new recipes. In fact, I love food in general, especially trying out new restaurants + cafes! I love meeting/getting to know new friends, so feel free to find me on Facebook or shoot me an email!

Stephen Fong, Treasurer

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Intended Business
SERVICE PASSIONS: My passion? Getting down and dirty…with international service
HOBBIES: Having a great time with friends and family, trying new food, staying up-to-date with what’s going on in the world, swimming the breast stroke, and traveling
CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hey! I’m Stephen Fong and I’m Cal Rotaract’s treasurer! I would describe myself as fun-loving, since I’m always interested in meeting new people and exploring unknown places, but also very dedicated to the work I have at hand. Since high school, I have devoted many hundreds of hours to serving the community through organizations such as Interact and National Honor Society. So, it was only natural for me to join Rotaract here at Berkeley. Thus far, I’ve deeply enjoyed my time in Rotaract working on Polio Plus as well as having tons of fun at our Rotaract family escapades to the theaters and Yogurtland. This year, I will strive to provide our club with plenty of funding and also lead campus wide fundraisers for causes important to our club and Rotary International. I look forward to accomplishing great things with the awesome people in this club and, I assure you, we’ll have lots of fun while we’re at it!

Molly Li, Co-Marketing Director

YEAR: 4th, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Integrative Biology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Children and youth in under-served communities, environmental, personal/community health and well-being
HOBBIES: Tennis, computer and video games, reading, watching movies
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: I’m a true girly girl with a few sprinkles of tomboy. I would consider myself active, except the only sport I can play is Tennis. I like to collect and keep pretty ribbons, because I like the materials and colors. If I had the patience and time, I would really like to make my own garden. I love volunteering with Cal Rotaract because everyone is so friendly and helpful, and whether we’re saving the world, or just tabling on campus, we always find things to laugh and joke about! I’m really looking forward to meeting and being inspired by new people this semester!

William Mok, Co-Marketing Director

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Undeclared
SERVICE PASSIONS: Hands-on, green projects
HOBBIES: Writing, Video, Photography, Piano, Investing, Tennis
CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hello! This is both my third year at Cal and my third year in Rotaract/Interact. Before this, I was in a variety of community service groups at my high school, but none of them were nearly as organized. In general, I just like to make things, whether they’re meaningful or not. They just have to be meaningful tasks. Hopefully, during my time here, I can help make Rotaract even better than it already is.

Spencer Lau, Co-Fellowship Director

YEAR: 4th, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Political Science: Comparative Politics
SERVICE PASSIONS: Rebuilding Together, Polio Plus, and other hands-on service projects
HOBBIES: Bodyboarding, video games, sleeping, (re-learning) badminton, not studying for the LSAT, and going on trips!
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hey Rotaractors, my name is Spencer and I’m excited to continue serving as your Fellowship Co-Director for the fall semester. We had a lot of fun with projects and events last semester, and I’m sure we’ll have even more fun and an even bigger impact this semester! Just a little about me: I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and studied in San Francisco before coming to Cal as a junior transfer. My experience with Rotary Club was minimal before I discovered Cal Rotaract, but I really liked how its members were so engaged in community service projects to help those at the local, national, and international level; and that’s why I joined! Although I think one of the basic requirements of being a fellowship director is to be outgoing and inviting to everyone, I admit I do have my shy times so please do not hesitate to approach me! I listen to a broad range of music but I do keep up with the Asian genre (mostly K-pop), so I am always open to a discussion of upcoming songs or your favorite group. If you have any questions about the Fellowship pillar or just want to chat, you can find me on Facebook or email me (it helps to ease the boredom of studying :D)

Angelica Teng, Co-Fellowship Director

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: MCB Immunology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Women’s Health and Education interventions
HOBBIES: Coffee-shop hopping. I’m always on the lookout for a good book and a good peppermint latte.
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: I had been involved in with Interact since high school and volunteered more on a local and national level through the club through can/book drives, blood drives, and volunteering hours at the local food pantry. I then found my passion in fighting for women’s health and education initiatives through a peer-founded non-profit Girls Helping Girls. Naturally, the first year I joined Rotaract I also signed up for the International Committee so I could continue that involvement. I loved how easy it was to get involved on campus and how enthusiastic other fellow Rotaractors were about both service and fellowship!

Kathy Lee, Family Coordinator

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Society and Environment, double with Legal Studies?
SERVICE PASSIONS: Whether it involves helping the elderly, under-represented minorities, children, or just fosters bonding within our own community, I am passionate about them all! But, I am especially enthusiastic about things regarding the environment. Green is the way to go (without the tie-dye ;P)!
HOBBIES: Reading, eating, shopping, listening to music, eating, kicking it with friends, video games (haha don’t judge – one day i’ll catch ‘em all and be the ultimate master!), beaching, scrapbooking occasionally, SEAWORLD, watching soccer/football, and eating ♥
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hello! My name is Kathy and I am proud to be your new Family Coordinator. Rotaract has truly become my family away from home. I will do my best with my fellow officers to make your service experience the most fulfilling and enjoyable time you can have. A little about myself: while service is a HUGE part of my life, I do enjoy the finer things in life as well. I am always down to go on an impromptu shopping spree or explain the amazingness that is SeaWorld. So, as you’ve probably guessed – I’m a complete dork, but DO come talk to me! All these exclamation points cannot properly convey how excited I will be to meet you!

Stephanie Chan, Co-Service Director

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Integrative Biology/Pre-Med
SERVICE PASSIONS: I love working around the local community, especially when it comes down to rebuilding projects and working with children. Service to me means having fun, meeting new people, and rendering service where it’s needed. I hope that one day, I can do an international project to work with communities that lack the adequate resources for medical treatment.
HOBBIES: Hanging with friends, BAKING!, I’m a food blog addict, watching TV, taking adventures
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hii! I’m Stephanie, a 2nd year from sunny San Diego. Although I aspire to become a doctor one day, I am a baker at heart. I am currently really into lame jokes, so here is one for you: What do you call a nosy pepper? Jalapeno Business. Nevertheless, I love to hang out and get to know people better. I love exploring new places, going on adventures and I love to eat! So…let’s go on an adventure together to explore a new place where we can eat! I’m excited to do some fun service projects and to meet you all!

Vivian Nguyen, Co-Service Director

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Intended Poli Sci and Sociology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Working with little kids, mentoring students, rebuilding and renovating
HOBBIES: Reading, exploring, eating, eating, and then eating some more
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hello everyone! I’m going to be your Service Co-director this semester and I’m so excited to meet all of you and have lots of fun at our service events! If you don’t already know me, I’m from San Diego, so I absolutely love going to the beach and being in warm sunny weather, which obviously doesn’t happen very often up here. 🙁 I love to dance and sing (for fun, of course) and I’m also a big book fanatic so definitely come talk to me about books and any recommendations! Since I live in an apartment now, I’m experimenting on cooking and would love to hear any cooking tips/recipes that you have. Please feel free to come up and talk to me, I swear I won’t bite! Hope to meet all of you soon!!

Kimberly Te, Professional Development Director

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Intended Business Administration and Media Studies
SERVICE PASSIONS: Environmental Projects, Children/Youth and Peer Counseling, Active Hands-on Projects. I like to create!
HOBBIES: Laughing, Yoga, Swimming, Watching movies (especially indie films!), Having conversations with interesting people, Concert-Goin, Building/Putting things together (I heart IKEA), Cleaning, Foodie adventures, Stroking my beard while pondering great things
CONTACT: [email protected] | FB it:

Elodie Tong-Lin, Sergeant At Arms

YEAR: 4th, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Molecular Toxicology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Health/medical-related projects, MAKING THINGS (i.e. stuffed animals for children, etc.)
HOBBIES: Reading, Photography, Drawing, Eating/Cooking
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: I am Sergeant At Arms for the Berkeley Chapter of Rotaract! This is my second year as an officer, and I am excited to meet new people and work on service projects with them. I am open to any emails for people who have questions or need advice! Let’s all work hard to improve and make a positive impact on our community!

Jessica Chou, Co-Historian/Webmaster

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Computer Science and Music minor
SERVICE PASSIONS: LN-4, WAPIs, international projects, working with children, health care, making a difference!
HOBBIES: Volleyball, tennis, watching baseball (SF Giants!), baking, food, reading, photography, piano, video games, falling asleep
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi guys! I’m Jessica and I will be one of your Historian/Webmasters this semester! I joined Rotaract during my first year at Cal because I wanted to continue doing community service after high school, and I’m definitely glad that I did! I’m from the Bay Area and come from a family of Golden Bears. I love taking pictures of everything, especially food (which is quite obvious if you’ve seen any of my Facebook albums) since I enjoy trying new restaurants and also bake a lot. I’m always down to go on a random adventure or come up with spontaneous plans to do something fun, so if you have any epic ideas, let me know! Can’t wait to get to know all of you!

Jahlela Hasle, Co-Historian/Webmaster

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Cognitive Science/Pre-Business
SERVICE PASSIONS: Construction, literacy improvement
HOBBIES: Airplanes, photography, the color green, all languages (I have English, Spanish, Latin, and little Norwegian so far)
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Greetings! I am a second-year studying Cognitive Science, with a few Pre-Haas classes under my belt. This is my second semester as Webmaster/Historian, so you’ll likely see my snapping photos of you making embarrassing faces in Tyvek suits. Don’t worry — that’s the beauty of service! I love airplanes, photography, the color green, all languages (I have English, Spanish, Latin, and little Norwegian so far), and you can often spot me on campus with my Finnish sidekick. Introduce yourself! We’ll probably find something great to laugh about.