Officers Fall 2012

Stephen Fong, District Governor

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Business
SERVICE PASSIONS: Both large-scale projects that help thousands internationally and hands-on service that improve our Berkeley community
HOBBIES: Trying new restaurants, watching Netflix, keeping up to date with current events, and traveling
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hello! I’m enthralled to be District Governor for the upcoming year. Service has been a large part of what I do for many years now. In high school, I led the National Honor Society and was a part of a program called Lifting Spirits with Music where I participated in piano recitals for the elderly. In 2008, I joined Interact as a Relay for Life captain and gained exposure to the variety of international service projects Rotary is known for. As a freshman, I led Rotaract’s Polio Plus event as an international committee member and eventually joined the board as treasurer. Outside of service, I love hunting for interesting hole-in-the wall restaurants, sipping on weird chia/kombucha/jelly drinks, and meeting new people!

Angelica Teng, President

YEAR: 4th, Undergraduate
MAJOR: MCB Immunology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Women’s Health and Education interventions
HOBBIES: Coffee-shop hopping. I’m always on the lookout for a good book and a good peppermint latte.
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: I had been involved with Interact since high school and volunteered more on a local and national level through the club through can/book drives, blood drives, and volunteering hours at the local food pantry. I then found my passion in fighting for women’s health and education initiatives through a peer-founded non-profit Girls Helping Girls. Naturally, the first year I joined Rotaract I also signed up for the International Committee so I could continue that involvement. I loved how easy it was to get involved on campus and how enthusiastic other fellow Rotaractors were about both service and fellowship!

Amy Edmonds, Vice President

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Public Health and Conservation and Resource Studies
SERVICE PASSIONS: International health and nutrition, community based projects, environmental and DIY projects
HOBBIES: Service (of course!), traveling, cooking, baking, going on foodie adventures, watching documentaries, riding my bike, service, singing and playing guitar (badly)
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hey everyone! I joined Cal Rotaract my first semester of freshman year and I am proud to be serving you this year as Vice President. I have witnessed the difference we can make in our community, and in the world, when we work together. I continue to be so inspired by my fellow Rotaracters and Rotarians, and I have learned that volunteering is a great way to connect with others and build great friendships. More about me? I have a major sweet tooth (although I can also be a bit of a health nut) and am extremely drawn to really bright, happy colors. So if you see someone wearing a bright yellow something and eating a cookie as big as her face…that’s probably me. When I’m not volunteering or studying, I love exploring new places and foods! I really want to meet all of my fellow Rotaracters, so if you haven’t met me already, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself!

Robynne Lindsey, Secretary

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Political Science and Anthropology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Hands on projects, cancer awareness, international concerns, community growth
HOBBIES: Outdoor activities, exploring, relaxing, cooking, and eating lots of food!
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hello there! I am Robynne and I am excited to begin being your Cal Rotaract Secretary! This will be my second semester in Rotaract and I absolutely love my Rotaract family. I am so excited to see what is in store for this semester. I love Rotaract for its dedication to service which is what keeps me coming back for more! I am a fun loving girl who truly enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. So, if you see me around introduce yourself, I would LOVE to meet you!

Michael Homer, Treasurer

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Economics
SERVICE PASSIONS: Hands on work, community clean-up, international service
HOBBIES: Books, Netflix, Guitar, working out, drinking coffee
CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hello! My name is Michael and I am 2012’s new Treasurer! This is my first time being an officer in a service organization, although I have been active in service since high school. I feel lucky to be a part of this Officer crew as Rotaract is full of amazing people with a genuine enthusiasm for helping others. I will do my best to help make this club even better. I used to work in a movie theater so I love watching movies and I make the best popcorn. Last semester I started learning Chinese and I hope to travel there someday. I’m always looking for a chance to practice! I look forward to meeting you all in the coming year!

Natalie Cowan, Marketing Design Director

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Sociology/Media Studies
SERVICE PASSIONS: Hands-on projects, beautifying the Berkeley area, international aid
HOBBIES: Eating, baking, painting my nails (all the time), DIY and crafting
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hello, friends! I’m Natalie and I am the Marketing Design Director, meaning I’m in charge of the flyers, tshirts, banners… pretty much anything Photoshopped… that Rotaract produces. My involvement in service began with Interact Club in high school and I decided to continue my dedication to service in college by joining Rotaract my first semester at Cal. I began as an international committee member and loved the group so much I decided to apply for an officer position. I love to joke around and frolic with friends, so come say hi and we can go on adventures together! Yay, friends and adventures (and of course, Rotaract)!!

Maddie McClure, Marketing Outreach Director

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Intended Integrative Biology and Modern Dance Minor
SERVICE PASSIONS: I love doing anything where I can put skill set to good use. Whether it be making people smile from performing, helping them at a clinic, or just talking to them. The only thing better than a smile given is a smile made.
HOBBIES: Dancing, card- playing, acting, being spirited
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi everyone!! My name is Maddie and I am extremely excited about being the
Cal Rotaract Outreach Chair this year! I have been involved in Rotary since I was a junior in
high school, and have loved every moment of my experience. I am new to the officer board
this semester, and am stoked to have been given the opportunity to OUTREACH to all of
you! Rotary has only been an amazingly positive influence in my life, and I want to share the
Rotararian love with you! Please feel free to come up to me talk to me about anything (club
collaboration, restaurant recommendations, life etc!); I am always here to listen. Have an
awesome day, and GO BEARS!

Eugenia Ho, Membership Coordinator

YEAR: 4th, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Art History
SERVICE PASSIONS: International projects, nutrition, environmental projects
HOBBIES: Traveling, eating food, watching movies, going on tumblr, drawing, people watching, playing video games
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi! I’m a Rotaract veteran, I’ve been in the club since my first semester in freshman year (it gets better each subsequent year!) I’m super excited to be your new membership coordinator this semester. Outside of Rotaract, I like to spend my time going on tumblr, watching movies, or trying new restaurants/eating. 🙂 Feel free to chat with me at any time (find me on Facebook or shoot me an email). I’m always happy to answer any questions and start conversations. 😀

John Bui, Co-Fellowship Director

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: MCB: Neurobiology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Education, Children, International Projects! (like EndPolioNow and ShelterBox)
HOBBIES: Playing piano, swimming, hanging out with friends, playing Yugioh (yup.), hiking, napping, and going on Facebook/Tumblr/YouTube!
CONTACT: [email protected] or [email protected]
ABOUT ME: What’s up? I’m John Bui and this is my first year of Cal Rotaract representing the Co-Fellowship position with my co-chair, Anna! I was a part of Interact representing Area 6 of District 5170 ever since high school and loved it, so joining Rotaract was a no-brainer for me. I’m an optimistic and friendly person, so any time you need that frown turned upside-down, you know who to talk to 🙂 I love trying new things and meeting people with the most random interests, so feel free to say hi any time. I love planning events, especially socials, so look forward to those plus the banquet at the end of this year!

Anna Zhao, Co-Fellowship Director

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Economics and Psychology!
SERVICE PASSIONS: I love anything that lets me get my hands dirty, working with children and animals, projects with a global reach, and serving the community I grew up in.
HOBBIES: I like being creative and love meeting new people (so come and say hi!). I also love cooking and baking and food in general, going on road trips, finding new music, and spending time with (other peoples’) pets.
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi everyone! My name is Anna and I’m a sophomore studying Economics and Psychology, possibly with a minor in Art! I’ll be one of your Fellowship directors this semester, along with the extremely enthusiastic and exciting John Bui! We know you love service but we also can’t forget that Rotaract is one big family, and we’re here with a bunch of fun service events so you guys can get to know each other (and get to know us!) Community service and Rotaract are both extremely special to me and I’m super pumped to get to know you guys throughout the semester. I hope everyone enjoys their semester with Rotaract as much as I know I will!

Stacie Vance, Family Coordinator

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Conservation and Resource Studies, Global Poverty and Practice Minor
SERVICE PASSIONS: Local service, Environmental clean-ups and awareness, Rebuilding projects, anything hands-on
HOBBIES: Baking, running, movie watching (especially super sappy chick flicks and scary movies), watching football, and playing board and card games
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hello Rotaractors! I am so excited to be your Family
Coordinator this year. I have had some really great experiences
getting to know other club members through the small family group
activities and outings, and I really hope you all take the opportunity
to bond with us while we explore Berkeley. I love riddles and bad
jokes (a little bit too much), so if you have any please do share them
with me- I promise I will laugh. I like to explore and have absolutely
no problem making a fool of myself, so if you ever need an adventure
buddy, I’m your girl!

Erin Gunter, Service Director

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
Major: Anthro and Poli Sci with a minor in PACS
SERVICE PASSIONS: I absolutely love all of the hands on projects! You will always find me at Rebuilding Together, making WAPIs, or sewing blankets!
HOBBIES: Dancing, baking, tennis, archery, volleyball, travel, laughing
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi I’m Erin and I am your Service Director this semester! Rotaract is amazing, because we combine community service and hanging out with awesome new people! I am excited to go on some great family socials, like rock climbing this semester! My favorite type of community service are hands on projects! I really love them, because you can actually see that you are making a difference! You can bet I will organize at least a couple hands on projects this semester! Apart from volunteering, I love to dance, have fun, try new things, and laugh a lot. I also am an avid baker, and I love giving away baked goods. I am known to make a mean snickerdoodle!

Amber Gonzales, Co-Rotary Liaison

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Political Economy
SERVICE PASSIONS: My service passions lie in education, international projects and serving underprivileged communities.
HOBBIES:  I love to sing, dance and talk. I enjoy hiking and really any type of outdoor adventure. Finally, I enjoy baking for others (especially during the holiday season), traveling, and spontaneous adventures.
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hiya! I am Amber, a junior here at Cal and one of your Rotary Liaisons for 2012. My mission will be to plan awesome socials and projects which will allow all of you to get closer to Rotarians and Interacters. Fun Fact: I not only have American citizenship, BUT I am also a Peruvian citizen! I am very family oriented and like to spend time with my little brother and family in general. Meeting new people always makes me happy and I am excited to get to know all of you so feel free to come up to me or message me on FB and say hi whenever!

Jahlela Hasle, Co-Rotary Liaison

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Cognitive Science, emphasis in Neuroscience
SERVICE PASSIONS: Construction, literacy improvement
HOBBIES:  Photography, Laughing, University Chorus, Scuba Diving, Languages (English, Spanish, Latin, Norwegian), Flying small airplanes
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Salutations! I am a second-year studying Cognitive Science, with a few Business classes on the side. I love the color green and being creative in the kitchen. In 2012, I look forward to serving Cal Rotaract as a co-Rotary Liaisonette with Amber Gonzales. We will be bringing Rotary, Rotaract, and Interact together on service and personal development projects. If you have ideas, let us know!

Brian Ly, Historian

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Intended Business Administration/Economics and Japanese Minor
SERVICE PASSIONS: Disaster relief, environmental projects, children!
HOBBIES: Photography, anime, food, vinyl records, driving
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hey everyone! My name is Brian C Ly (the C doesn’t stand for anything) and I’ll be your Historian again for this semester! I’ve been involved in Interact all of high school, so this marks my sixth year with Rotary International. While my origins lie in local service working as a commissioner in my high school Interact Club, I’ve developed an interest in supporting international projects as a Rotaractor. When I’m not playing paparazzi or serving the community, I’ll usually be out and about discovering new eateries around the city, chilling in my room, or obsessing over vinyl records. I may seem awkward at first, but don’t hesitate to talk to me, since I’m always willing to meet new people.

Jessica Chou, Webmaster

YEAR: 4th, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Computer Science and Music minor
SERVICE PASSIONS: LN-4, WAPIs, international projects, working with children, health care, making a difference!
HOBBIES: Volleyball, tennis, watching baseball (SF Giants!), baking, food, reading, photography, piano, video games, falling asleep
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hi guys! I’m Jessica and I am your Webmaster this semester! I joined Rotaract during my first year at Cal because I wanted to continue doing community service after high school, and I’m definitely glad that I did! I’m from the Bay Area and come from a family of Golden Bears. I love taking pictures of everything, especially food (which is quite obvious if you’ve seen any of my Facebook albums) since I enjoy trying new restaurants and also bake a lot. I’m always down to go on a random adventure or come up with spontaneous plans to do something fun, so if you have any epic ideas, let me know! Can’t wait to get to know all of you!

Marina Liang, Local Service Co-Chair

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Business Administration, Psychology
SERVICE PASSIONS: Protecting the environment! Helping disadvantaged children and inspiring the youth! Protecting animals!
HOBBIES: I love food. I have a major sweet tooth, so desserts make me happy. I also enjoy dance, yoga, art, and good books. I did jazz and pom with a little bit of hip hop in high school (ahhh~ my glory days!). If I had more time I would dance and perhaps try singing.
CONTACT: Feel free to hit me up at [email protected] or [email protected]! Or say hi in person! 🙂
ABOUT ME: I was born in Sacramento but I moved around a lot, ultimately, spending ten years of my life in LA. I am told I have a distinct LA accent. I am a very quirky (and at times awkward) person and I am always open to new experiences. I have a love for life and adventure, and I enjoy meeting new people, so don’t be shy! I love to laugh, and in turn, I like to make others smile.

Chris Yee, Local Service Co-Chair

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB)
SERVICE PASSIONS: My main passion is working with children but honestly, I love anything to do with service! I love helping others and I will help them any way I can.
HOBBIES: Basketball, video games, reading, and hanging out with friends! 🙂
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hey, what’s up? My name is Chris and I am currently co-chair for Local Committee! I joined Rotaract in the Spring of 2011 because I wanted to make a difference and I ended up making so many friends along the way! I am excited for this semester and I am sure it will be a great one with everyone’s help! I hope to make this semester the best one yet! Outside of Rotaract and school, I spend most of my time either playing or watching basketball! Go Sacramento Kings! But yes, I am most likely either at the RSF or hanging out with friends when I have free time. If you see me on campus, don’t be shy and feel free to say hi to me! I love to meet new people and I am very friendly.

Karen Sugano, International Service Co-Chair

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Chemical Engineering
SERVICE PASSIONS: Water-related international service projects (WAPI, Hydraid, etc.)
HOBBIES: Piano, restaurant/cafe adventures, trying different kinds of tea, attempting DIY projects from tumblr
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: HELLO ALL! I’m Karen, and I am so excited to be your International Committee Co-chair for the upcoming semester. International service has always been my passion since sophomore year of high school; I’ve helped plan numerous fundraisers such as talent shows and festivals to raise money for causes such as End Polio Now and Shelterbox. It’s such a wonderful experience to work with all these peers with different academic pursuits who still share the same love for service. This is my third semester in Rotaract, and I am so pumped up to see what this semester will bring us! I can’t wait to hang out with you all– I am so down to grabbing some tea at a coffeeshop and talk about our interests and hobbies and just EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR LIVES. We’re a service organization but we’re also a family! If you ever hear of some delicious restaurant opening down the street, let me know so we can get to know each other as we squeal in delight of the delicious food we’re sharing (:

Greg Phillips, International Service Co-Chair

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Chemical Biology, Minor: Global Poverty & Practice
SERVICE PASSIONS: I’m particularly moved by the tragedies of sex-trafficking and lack of clean water access, but I aspire to help everyone in need any way that I can!
HOBBIES: I love traveling, exploring, hiking, playing tennis, baking, and hanging out with friends!
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: I’m so glad to be one of Cal Rotaract’s Fall 2012 International Committee Chairs! I can’t wait to see all we can accomplish working together to make the world a better place. I love exploring and going on spontaneous adventures. Sometimes I walk through Sproul even if it’s not directly between class and my apartment because I love randomly running into friends! Looking forward to getting to know all of you wonderful people in Cal Rotaract!! (and running into you on campus! ;D)

Mimi Tam, Impact Co-Chair

YEAR: 3rd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Environmental Economics and Policy
SERVICE PASSIONS: Environmental Service Events
HOBBIES: Baking, reading literature, watching avatar, going on midnight adventures
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hihi everyone! This is Mimi Tam, one of your Fall 2012 Impact Chairs, I am lucky enough to be part of Rotaract thanks to Chris (the officer of Local Committee at the time). I was part of Local Committee and his family in the Spring 2012 semester. To be honest, I was a pretty inactive member the first half of that semester. I was a little afraid and intimidated by the officer team and the sheer number of members, but it was Chris who would invite me to the different events and meetings. It was his enthusiasm for Rotaract and service that really motivated me to come out, build friendships with everyone, and make a difference. This semester I really want to make a difference not only in the club’s projects, but also in the members’, your, experience. I hope that if you have any concerns or suggestions that I can be the officer there for you.

Linda Zhong, Impact Co-Chair

YEAR: 2nd, Undergraduate
MAJOR: Statistics, Intended Business
SERVICE PASSIONS: Hands on projects, working with kids, environmental clean-ups, lending a hand to third world countries.
HOBBIES: Music/piano, tennis, dance, EATING, shopping, playing with makeup, traveling/exploring, napping, facebooking, movie/tv watching, laughing, driving, photography/camwhoring, fantasizing about my future, having a good time with friends and family, and of course volunteering! Oh, and my nerd side comes out when you see me having fun doing my math homework.
CONTACT: [email protected]
ABOUT ME: Hello! My name is Linda and I am one of your impact chairs for the fall of 2012! I was really involved with Interact all 4 years of my high school career, and I decided to join Rotaract my first semester at Cal. I didn’t become super active until spring of 2012 [Rotaract Hall of Famer, what up!]. I am so, so glad I stuck with Rotaract because Rotaract really made such a big community at Cal much smaller for me, and Rotaract literally is my family here. And I also feel so blessed to be a student here at Cal and be a part of one of THE largest Rotaract clubs in the world! Let me just tell you now, the people I’ve met in this club have inspired me so much and are some of the best, most passionate people I know. I am so excited for this semester and for everything that Rotaract will have to offer to all of you! I can’t wait to get to know all of you better throughout this semester! Feel free to come up to me to say hi and start a conversation, or shoot me an email/add me on facebook, and we can go on adventures together!!! I promise I don’t bite, but I do apologize in advance about my weirdness and awkwardness. Wish you all a successful, fun-packed semester and GO BEARS! 🙂