Officers Fall 2014

Steven Ryoo, President

10708660_741558332565960_7969553368616047397_oYear: Senior
Major: Integrative Biology
Service Projects: Hands on projects, education and international projects
Hobbies: Playing/watching football (GO PATRIOTS), snowboarding, watching movies, hanging out with friends, playing board games, eating, sleeping, trying new things, and meeting new people!
Why Rotaract: I joined Rotaract because it was a way for me to get involved in my community and make friends along the way. The sense of accomplishment and the sincere reactions of those we helped makes me want to keep doing more to help those in need.
About me: I’m Steven and I was born in South Korea and moved to America before Pre-School. I currently live in Pleasanton, and I am a pre-dental student, so make sure to smile! I fell in love with Rotaract two years ago and could not be more proud to represent it as President. I am very fortunate to be a part of this amazing club. It has taught me how to put others before myself and to always have others in mind when doing any activity in my life. This club has given me so much in such a small amount of time, and I will strive to give back to it as much as I can this upcoming year.

Prerak Juthani, Internal VP


Year: Junior
Major: Molecular Cell Biology
Service Passions: Practically any event that helps me directly benefit my environment (creek clean-ups, soup kitchens, “Go Green” initiatives, etc.)
Hobbies: Spending time with my family, hanging out with friends, helping others, learning new things, and playing basketball.
Why Rotaract: Having a way to give back to the community and getting to better affiliate myself with other Berkeley students!
About me: Hello everyone! My name is Prerak Juthani, and I am the Vice President of Internal for this upcoming year. As VP of Internal, I will make sure that the club continues to run smoothly behind the scenes! The unique aspect of this position is that it will give me the ability implement changes and also better address our members’ needs. So, if you feel like there’s something you went changed, feel free to shoot me an email; I’m always happy to listen! Heck, shoot me an email even if you don’t have anything specific to say; I absolutely love meeting new people!
Personally, service has always been a big part of my life, and I feel blessed to live in a community that provides me with the resources I need to succeed. I enjoy doing service because it not only permits me to meet new people, but also assists me in bettering my community! Throughout high school, I was actively involved in Interact and that motivated me to join Rotaract last year. Since then, Rotaract has become a big part of my life; the people here are amazing, and the service events are indescribable. My involvement in the club helped me acclimate to the college environment and build lasting friendships. This upcoming semester, I hope to make your experience as great as mine (possibly even better!), and show you how REMARKABLE Rotaract truly is. ^___^

Margaret Shyu, External VP


Year: Senior
Majors: Molecular Cell Biology (Immuno Track 1), Economics, Cal Teach minor
Service Passions: hands-on projects (especially ones related to hunger, education, and fulfilling specific community needs)
Hobbies: long distance running, exploring restaurants, thrift shopping, curling up with a good book & visiting libraries
Why Rotaract: I had a hard time transitioning to college since I was looking for friends who could understand and relate to me as well as the ones I had back home. It’s easy to feel lonely or like a small fish lost in a big sea at Berkeley, but luckily a close friend was active in Interact and recommended I try out Rotaract. I became increasingly active over the years, and the people I’ve met have been friendly, generous, quirky and accepting. I have also affected the community in ways that I never could have imagined during my time here.
About Me: I’m crazy and I laugh so hard that I either can’t breathe or start tearing up. I’m always on the lookout for food buddies (I even have my own food blog) and/or running buddies. I’m from the Bay Area, and I often get asked how tall I am (5’8″). My idea of a relaxing day is going out for a jog and then coming back with a pile of books to curl up in bed with (the Berkeley Public Library is great). I usually have my bike with me on campus so that I can stay out late studying at FSM. I’ll always make time for a friend, so feel free to swing by or message me online. There’s always room for growth, so please let me know how I can better serve you and the club!

Sophie Li, Secretary


Year: Junior
Major: MCB Immunology and (Intended) Public Health
Service Passions: Global health and education initiatives
Hobbies: Cooking, baking, listening to music and going to concerts, watching TV and movies, people-watching, reading, and trying all of the cute little eateries in Berkeley!
About me: Cal Rotaract was the first organization I joined when I got to Berkeley, and I couldn’t have made a better choice. Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to co-lead International Committee. I was so impressed with how much our club was able to accomplish in the span of just one year, and we couldn’t have done any of it without the incredible passion that drives Rotaract members. Now, I’m delighted to return as this year’s secretary! Even though I’ll be doing more behind-the-scenes work this year, I’d still love to meet you, so please come say hi!


David Zhang, Treasurer


Year: Senior
Major: Public Health
Service Passions: My service passions include disability awareness, working with children, and hands-on volunteer work. Honestly, I enjoy anything service related!
Hobbies: Basketball, riding my bike, eating at hipster restaurants, traveling, and hanging out with friends.
Why Rotaract: I decided to join Rotaract because I was interested in the volunteering portion of the club. In the summer between my 1st and 2nd year of college, I participated in a cross country cycling event to raise awareness for people with disabilities. Along the way, we went to a bunch of community programs for people with disabilities and we played wheelchair basketball, had dance parties with them, and just hung out with them. It was a great experience and is the main reason why I decided to join a service club on campus.
About me: Hm……. A little about myself. I usually am not very good at answering these questions, but I’ll give it a try. The first thing you probably should know about me is that I love to play basketball, like LOVE to play basketball. Other than that, I really like hanging out and getting to know people. I’ve been told I’m a really good listener and I’m always interested in meeting new people and sharing stories with one another. Anyways…. I’m really excited for next semester and I hope to meet everyone and share our stories.

James Toan, Impact Chair


Year: Senior
Major: Applied Math
Service Passions: Helping children, construction/remodeling projects, education
Hobbies: Playing board games, eating, watching TV, volleyball, making espresso, listening to Frank Sinatra
Why Rotaract: I wanted to get more involved in my community and was drawn in by the passionate members of Rotaract. I’ve been in Rotaract for 5 semesters and counting!
About me: Hey everyone, I’ll be serving as your Impact Chair for 2014!! One of my duties involves looking for ways to make things more efficient and as Impact Chair, I’ll be looking for ways to make Rotaract the best club for you! I have seven other siblings and was born and raised in the nation’s salad bowl: Salinas, CA. I like finding cheap/good places to eat and enjoy spending time in cafes, drinking coffee and hanging out with friends. I love meeting new people and look forward to being friends with all of you!!


Eric Lau, Webmaster


Year: Senior
Major: Molecular Cell Biology and Public Health with minor in Computer Science & Global Poverty and Practice
Service Passions: Urban Development, Disaster Reliefs, Local and International Projects, & Helping Children
Hobbies: Swimming, snowboarding, frisbee, chilling to hipster music, traveling, hiking, playing instruments, driving (yes driving xD weird? Ask me why haha), hanging out with friends
Why Rotaract: Way back in the good old days, I was part of Interact at my high school (DISTRICT 5170!!!!). The silly freshmen I was, I actually did not join Rotaract til my sophomore year. Why you may ask? Let’s just say I was studying too much haha. But joining Rotaract is probably one of the best decision since coming to CAL. Rotaract, to put it simply, has changed my life and I hope it will make an impact on yours too~
About me: Hello guys and gals, my name is Eric and I’m the Webmaster of Rotaract. So all of that BTS things you see (or can’t see I mean) will be done mostly by me and the rest of the internal board. Some things that you should probably know about me is that I’m from garlic town Gilroy. Nom nomnom nom. Then I moved to Dublin, Ireland (I mean California) when I was in 4th grade. People get to know me as a zombie because I work on literally 3-4 hours of sleep and if you ask me how I do it, I don’t really have an answer to it myself. By the way, if any of you want to go to the gym, study or just hang out please feel free to ask me! Hope to meet you all of you soon~

Alice Zhang, Marketing Chair


Year: Sophomore
Major: Cognitive Science
Service Passions: Events that involve working with children are especially fun, but I love all types of service activities in general!
Hobbies: Drawing, watching sunsets, exploring big cities, window shopping at home decor stores, learning guitar, reading, playing with my dog
Why Rotaract: I was in Key Club in high school and also volunteered regularly at my local libraries. It was such a fulfilling experience that I really wanted to continue being involved in community service in college. So, I found Rotaract and with it an amazing group of people who have come to be my second family. What could be better than making a difference while bonding with passionate and inspiring individuals?
About me: Hey everyone! My name is Alice and Rotaract is my Wonderland! I’m from Los Angeles and I love giraffes, alpacas, foodie adventures, and laughing at bad puns. As an officer this year, I’m really hoping to help keep up the warm, inviting spirit of community I felt when I joined Rotaract. I love making new friends so definitely feel free to come chat with me if you see me around! Can’t wait to share an amazing year of Rotaract adventures with you all!

Leena Vo, Historian


Year: Junior
Major: Cognitive Science & Music (Minor)
Service Passions: Local projects, working with children
Hobbies: Going on photography adventures, playing music, eating lots of food, and be people’s therapist
Why Rotaract: When I entered college, I wanted to join a group that would love to help others and positively impact the community as a whole. Miraculously, I found out about Cal Rotaract from a friend and decided to join. Rotaract not only gave me the opportunity to meet new people, but it also gave me the wonderful opportunity to capture (on camera) special moments of Rotaract members and officers doing what they did best: service. I don’t think any other organization on campus would’ve provided me such opportunities, and ever since the first day I became a member of the club, doing community service and interacting with my Rotaract peers have always been fun to me.
About Me: Hello my beautiful people! I am super stoked to be your Historian for the Fall semester of 2014! If you ever see a little girl munching on food like a man and saying “MEEERRRR!!!” every hour, then you’ll know that it’s me! I love having fun and making friends, so if you ever need someone to listen/talk to (whether it’s about Rotaract, school, or anything regarding your life), you can always come to me!

Lawrence Vo, Professional Development Chair


Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Service Passion: Large Scale International projects and projects having to do with education
Hobbies: eating, sleeping, surfing the web for interesting articles
About me: Hello! My name is Lawrence Vo and I will be serving as your Liaison for the 2014 year! This is my second year in Cal Rotaract and my third with the Rotary family. I’ve been volunteering every since 7th grade and I’ve loved it since. Anyways, I’m always down to hang out and go on some crazy adventure so don’t be afraid to hit me up!





Isabel Tejada, Interact Liason

Major: Integrative Biology
Service Passions: I take a great interest in helping out with service that involves the elderly, sick, or those effected by disparities. I find it THE BEST when a project is really hands on~~ it get’s me all excited, when I feel like I actually made a difference.
Hobbies: I like to run, laugh, dance, cook, eat, and sleep…but not necessarily in that order. Hanging out with good company can really change my whole day around! I also really like trying new foodie places! So if you know of any good places to eat—show me and we’ll go!
Why Rotaract: This is my third semester in Rotaract. As a freshman, I decided to join Rotaract purely because of its service qualities. I thought this club would provide me a great tool to fill my love of service. Little did I know, that this club would offer SO much more than that! I was able to find friends that turned into family and share some unforgettable moments with some of the greatest people you will ever meet. I’m so fortunate to be part of this wonderful organization on campus.
About Me: Hi ya’ll! I’m Isabel and I will be your new Co- Interact Chair! I am originally from the central coast (805) in a small town called Lompoc… None of you probably ever heard of it, but that’s ok-we’re tiny. I can honestly say that I spend most of my free time watching funny youtube videos or at the RSF (attempting to stay healthy). Most of the time you will probably see me in headphones jamming out to Beyonce or any type of music for that matter. I’m a huge music junky…if only I could sing… Naturally, I’m a night owl, HOWEVER, this semester I promised myself that I would try to wake up early and sleep earlier. So, if anybody has some advice shoot ‘em my way cuz this was harder than I thought! With all that being said, I’m extremely stoked to get our committee going and putting on some grand events for Rotaract. Service above Self everyone 🙂 GO BEARS.

Tiffany Feng, Interact Liason


Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Administration
Service Passions: Oh yaknow. The usual. Hanging with the children. Aiding social welfare.
Hobbies: Eating. ’nuff said.
Why Rotaract: Rotaract is my something borrowed. Something that I carried with me since high school and continued to do as I transitioned into college.
About me: I am Tiffany Feng, the new and improved Co- Interact Liaison. (Just Kidding). I was originally born in the depths of Oakland and moved to San Leandro. I love playing volleyball because it’s about the only thing I’m good at, so if you’re down to bump, set or spike, come see me at the gym. LOL. Just kidding. I’ve only gone for a week. Other than that, I spend the rest of my time going to Bear Market to pick up Sweet Tea and walking to the SLC to get on that study grind. I promise that if you hit me up to hang out, I won’t flake on you…more than once. I’m super energetic so don’t be overwhelmed by my energy and come up to talk to me. I get lonely too… ^______^

Reann Pham, Fellowship Chair


Year: Sophomore
Major: Intended Business/Economics
Service Passions: Promoting education in low income communities and fighting against human trafficking
Hobbies: Teaching my dogs new tricks, playing board games, reading, dancing, painting my nails, hiking
About me: Hiiiii Rotaractors! My name is Reann Pham and I am so honored to be this year’s Co-Fellowship Chair! Rotaract is without a doubt, been the highlight of my college career. This club is not just a community service based organization, but also a family comprised of different people from all walks of life. Rotaract has adopted me into their family when I was a lost freshman and I continue to be ever so grateful. While I’m not attending service events, I love exploring new restaurants and watching Disney movies. I’m a pretty friendly person and I’m kind of on the short side , so if you ever want to look taller or need a person to talk to, I’m yo girl . I look forward to meeting all of you!



Kamran Siddiqui, Fellowship Chair


Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science and Economics
Service passions: Disaster relief, Children, Education, Anything relating to the environment and helping others
  Hanging with mah fambam/friends, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts, Web Design, Learning new things, Eating, Watching TV, Singing, and Exploring and traveling!
Why Rotaract: My initial inclination to join Cal Rotaract was sparked by the idea of meeting new people, through the process of making new friends I developed a better sense of community and for one of the first times in my life had the feeling of fulfillment. The main reason I stayed with rotaract is because I felt like a part of something, the people I met were genuine, good natured people. This sculpted my greater ideals; it compelled me to think of the numerous ways this community has given back to me; the only way I could reciprocate, is through service and interacting with other rotaracters  to not only better our own Cal community, but also to help impact the larger realm, this world.
About Me: Herro Der! My name is Kamran Siddiqui, I’m extremely excited to be serving as one of your Co-Fellowship Directors this semester, alongside Reann! Cal Rotaract has come to be my home away from home, it not only serves as a way to give back to my community, but also helps build lifelong relationships and everlasting friendships. Thus, I am glad to be representing y’all as an officer this semester and can’t wait to get to know everyone. Outside of rotaract (I have a life?!? Uhh… YEAYA) I like to work out, wrestle, play golf and eat different kinds of exotic food. So if you’re looking to hangout, talk, or just eat, I’m always down to hang! Reann and I are super excited to plan fun activities and events this semester so that everyone can get to know each other, so be sure stay tuned for some super fun events! I would love to hear your ideas, so don’t be shy and come talk to me about ideas for future socials and banquets! I also love meeting new people and listening to all your opinions so be sure to swing by and say “Hi!”, I want to befriend all y’all lovelies!

Farhan Lokman, Family Coordinator


Year: Junior
Major: Economics and Business Administration
Service Passions: Hands-on outdoor projects, International projects, Child Care
Hobbies: Soccer, Travelling, Bowling and go on mini adventures. I also love to try new stuff every now and then!
Why Rotaract: I love helping people and putting a smile on another person’s face not because of sympathy or anything, just solely based on my passion for service. The feeling is indescribable but it makes me happy. This club also gives out a positive vibe to me even when I wasn’t in the club yet and made me feel welcomed.
About me: I hail from the exotic country called Malaysia! Many people don’t know what it is, so make sure that you do because it makes me really happy. I’m an outgoing person and talk a lot so beware if you start talking to me. Just let me know if I talk too much *please don’t * I was never really involved with volunteering before I came to Cal but Rotaract managed to plant that service spirit within me and I am truly grateful for that! I don’t eat people so feel free to say hi to me in person 😀

Catherine Wang, Outreach Chair


Year: Junior
Major(s): Integrative Biology and Psychology
Service passions: Hands-on work for environmental protection (especially if the site has an amazing view), children’s education and mentorship, and International aids projects (LN-4s, WAPIs, etc.)
Hobbies: Canvas art, Snapchatting, singing in the shower (not the song, though…), studying (sometimes), looking up various Pusheens, and pretending I’m Hipster
Why Rotaract: The passion for service made me join, but the amazing friends and precious memories I have made made me stay!
About Me: Hai, friends! My name is Cat, and I am excited to be your Outreach coordinator for this semester. Hailing from Long Island, NY, I was really alone my first few days at Cal, intimidated by the sheer number of students here. Joining Cal Rotaract introduced me to so many passionate and fun individuals who are just like me: looking to make a difference in the world, starting with service. Rotaract quickly became my home away from home, so I hope to foster the same feeling as an officer! Definitely say hi if you ever see me around campus (I lurk everywhere), or if you want to go on a Starbucks run (I’m always down for tea!). I hope to get to know all of you better over the semester, and cannot wait to see what this fall (my favorite season!) has in store for us! P.S. I like cats.

AD Ravi, Local Committee Chair


Year: Sophomore
Major: Intended Computer Science
Service Passions: Any local project where I can watch the difference being made (I love working with children)
Hobbies: Playing and watching basketball (LAKERS ALL THE WAY), football, tennis, playing the violin/viola, drums, or any other percussion instruments, hiking, biking, camping, gymming, eating, anything adventurous or outdoorsy, and staring at walls
About me: HI!!! I’m Adhithya, but you can call me AD, and I’m one of your Local Committee Chairs for Spring 2014! In high school I was heavily involved in Students for Social Responsibility, which is very similar to Rotaract. So when I got to Berkeley, it was a no brainer for me to join this club. Last semester, I had a wonderful time volunteering with wonderful people and I was inspired by the difference we make in the wonderful Berkeley community. So I am very excited to making Local Committee wonderful again this semester! In my free time, I love watching sports, hanging out with friends, and working out. Talk to me, I’m sure we will become best friends in no time!

Sid Paladugu, Local Committee Chair


Year: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Business
Service passions: Reliving poverty and hunger, promoting political and economic equality
Hobbies: Screenwriting, exercise, photography, geeking out over movies and music
Why Rotaract: I’ve always been drawn towards community service, as I feel it gives my life initiative and purpose. When I arrived at Cal, therefore, I felt the best way to get involved right away was to join the best service organization around. I signed up for Rotaract at Calapalooza, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
About me: Hey, everyone! My name is Sid and I’m super excited to serve as Local Committee Co-Chair this semester along with my old friend AD. This may only be my second semester in Rotaract, but it’s already become my family away from home and the best experience I’ve had in college thus far. AD and I hope to achieve amazing work in the community in this semester, as well as provide a friendly, supporting community within the “Loco” Committee. I’m a huge pop-culture geek, always catching the latest movies and checking out live music, and always down to meet new people and have new experiences, so hit me up whenever!

Boz Bueno, International Committee Chair


Year: Sophomore
Major: Public Health
Service Passions: Clean Water/Sanitation, Global Health, Education
Hobbies: Reading, watching scary movies, hanging out with friends, binge watching Netflix tv series.
Why Rotaract: In high school I found myself looking to get more involved. I realized that service was one thing I was really passionate about, and I went searching for a way that I could pursue it. A teacher approached me about my school’s Interact Club, which had been on hiatus for many years. I recruited some friends and before we knew it we had a small but mighty club organized. Starting and leading the club was very challenging but it was also something I loved doing. Coming into Cal, Rotaract was a way for me to continue doing what I loved.
About Myself: Hello everyone! I’m Boz and I’m really excited to help lead International Committee this semester. A few quick things about me: I’m from a small town called Prunedale in the Monterey Bay, spaghetti is my all time favorite food (and basically all Italian food for that matter), and I know how to play the trombone. My first semester at Cal has been great and Rotaract has played a huge part in that. I’m only a freshman so while I promise to work hard as your IC Co-Chair, I expect this to be a huge learning opportunity for me as well. I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you!

Maddie Pauly, International Committee Chair


Year: Sophomore
Major: Intended Business
Service Passions: Education, International Development (Kiva, Clean Water), Working with kids
Hobbies: I love to ski, hike, travel, bake, craft, explore and adventure with friends. I’m always up for trying new things!
Why Rotaract: As an active member in my interact club, I knew that working with Rotary was something that I wanted to continue in college. The pairing of engaging service, and positive people is something I truly value, and it’s great to see the impact that a group of dedicated peers can make in our local, and global communities!
About me: Cal’s undergraduate student body is 10 times the size of my hometown! I grew up in the Eastern Sierras and love just about anything and everything outdoors! I’m looking forward to a great semester filled with service, friends, and adventure! If you have any project ideas, or just want to hang out, don’t hesitate to come say hi!