Officers Fall 2015


Front row, left to right: Vivian, Alyssa, Joanna, Samantha, Ivy, Judy, Virginia S., and Amber
Back: Raj, Kamran, Spencer, Young, Alice, Boz, Margaux, Mohith, and Virginia L.
Not pictured above: Susan, Jamie, Manucher, and Chi-Lan

Kamran Siddiqui, President

Year: Senior
Major: Computer Science and Economics
Service passions: Disaster Relief, Helping Children, Education, Anything relating to the environment and helping others
Hanging with my fambam/friends, eating, working out, wrestling, mixed martial arts, web design, learning new things, reading, writing, watching TV, singing, and traveling!
Contact: ksiddiqui or [email protected]
Why Rotaract: My initial inclination to join Cal Rotaract was sparked by the idea of meeting new people, through the process of making new friends I developed a better sense of community and for one of the first times in my life had the feeling of fulfillment. The main reason I stayed with rotaract is because I felt like a part of something; the people I met were genuine, good-natured people. This sculpted my greater ideals; it compelled me to think of the numerous ways this community has given back to me; the only way I could reciprocate, is through service and interacting with other rotaracters to not only better our own Cal community, but also to help impact the larger realm, this world.
About Me: Hai everyone! My name is Kamran and I’m extremely excited to be serving as your President this semester! Cal Rotaract has come to be my home away from home; it not only serves as a way to give back to my community, but also helps build lifelong relationships and everlasting friendships. I absolutely love everything about this club and I am glad to be representing Cal Rotaract as president. Outside of rotaract I like to work out, wrestle, play golf, and eat different kinds of exotic food. So if you’re ever looking to hangout, talk, or just eat, I’m always down to make new friends and experiences!! I also love meeting new people and listening to all your opinions, so be sure to swing by and say “Hi!” don’t worry I don’t bite. ^_^ I want to befriend all y’all lovelies and make this a remarkable experience for everyone!

Alice Zhang, Internal VP

Year: Junior
Major: Business Administration
Service Passions: Education, elderly care, and international healthcare
Hobbies: Photography, drawing, pretending I can bake, watching sunsets, exploring big cities, window shopping at home decor stores, reading, playing with furry friends
Contact: azhang or [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I was in Key Club in high school and also volunteered regularly at my local libraries. It was such a fulfilling experience that I really wanted to continue being involved in community service in college. So, I found Rotaract and with it an amazing group of people who have come to be my second family. What could be better than making a difference alongside such passionate and inspiring individuals?
About me: Hello everyone! I’m Alice and Rotaract is my Wonderland! I’m from LA suburbs (but am a NorCal girl at heart) and I love deers, foodie/coffee adventures, and late night talks. As an officer, I hope to contribute to the warm, inviting spirit of community I felt when I joined Rotaract. I love meeting new friends so feel free to chat if you see me around! Can’t wait to share another amazing semester of Rotaract adventures with you all!

Boz Bueno, External VP

Year: Junior
Major: Public Health
Service Passions: Healthcare and Clean Water/Sanitation
Hobbies: Reading, watching scary movies, Texas Hold’em, hanging out with friends.
Contact: bbueno or [email protected]
Why Rotaract: Having been in Rotaract in high school, joining as a freshman was something familiar at at time when most everything was completely new. This club completely exceeded all expectations I had. We do really good work here and I honestly believe this club attracts some of the best people at Cal. Everyone is extremely friendly and I am glad to call so many of them my friends!
About Me: Hello everyone! I’m Boz and I’m really excited to be your External Vice President this year. A few quick things about me: I’m from a small town called Prunedale in the Monterey Bay, spaghetti is my all time favorite food (and basically all Italian food for that matter), and I know how to play the trombone. It’s weird to say that I’m almost halfway done with my time here at Cal; the time has gone by so fast. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to spend nearly all of it with Cal Rotaract. Being an officer last year challenged me in so many ways, and I am excited for my next challenge as an exec. I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you!

Joanna Chau, Secretary

Year: Senior
Major: Microbial Biology
Service Passions: Education, working with children, hands-on projects (WAPIs, local park/creek clean-ups, etc.)
Hobbies: Daydreaming, cooking, knitting, kendo (when I’m not lazy and I actually show up to practice), finding new shows to watch (and then letting them consume my life), reading, being with my friends, looking at pictures of food at the peak of my craving mode
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I joined Rotaract in the spring semester of my freshman year because I was in Key Club in high school and I wanted to continue being in a service club. I really enjoyed meeting and working with other students that were truly passionate about service, so I decided to stay in Rotaract and become an officer to make sure that others also have an amazing experience.
About Me: My name is Joanna and I am the secretary for 2015! I’m responsible for some behind-the-scenes work, such as membership points and newsletters (if you find a typo in the Rotaract newsletter, you know who to blame). I’m not much of a talker, especially in large groups. However, if you need someone to listen to you, feel free to start a conversation with me! I am from Union City (next to Fremont) and I’ve traveled outside of the Bay Area only a couple of times. Thankfully, Rotaract has given me the opportunity to meet a diverse group of students. With that said, I hope I get to know and befriend all of you during my term!

Young Oh Choi, Treasurer

Year: Sophomore
Major: Intended Business Administration / Political Science
Service Passion: My passion for service is the promotion of the standards of living in developing regions/nations. Among the variety of sectors that contribute to promoting the standards of living, I’m mainly concerned with the provision of quality education for the general public.
Hobbies: Hanging out with my friends, fantasy basketball, reading the news, watching TV shows, listening to music, and stuff.
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I initially joined Rotaract because of my roommate’s suggestion. Before that I have never heard of Rotaract or ever took part of Interact in high school. However, attending several Rotaract events, I realized that Rotaract is a great club and opportunity that simultaneously allows me to give back to the community and meet remarkable people with diverse backgrounds.
About Me: Hello! My name is Young oh Choi. I was born in South Korea, but I’ve spent most of my life in North Africa and the Middle East. I have lived in Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. I can speak 3 languages: Korean, English and a bit of French.
I love to eat at Thai Noodle II at Telegraph Avenue. I go there on a rainy/chilly day; it’s a ritual. So if you want to have a warm bowl of noodle soup with me, HIT ME UP!

Virginia Lin, Impact Chair

Year: Junior
Major: Economics
Service Passions: educational equity, children, and anything hands-on that makes a direct impact!
Hobbies: sleeping (Zzzzzz), hanging out with friends, watching basketball, traveling, and going on BOBA ADVENTURES
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I joined Rotaract because of the feeling that I get when I give back to the community. To my surprise, Rotaract not only opened opportunities to do community service, but also helped me meet amazing people with similar interests. The club has allowed me to be a part of something that makes a big impact, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon!
About Me: Why hello! My name is Virginia and I’m so excited to serve as the new Impact Chair! I was born and raised in the beautiful city of San Francisco, but I went to really small schools so Cal’s gigantic sea of students is actually quite intimidating. If you ask me what my favorite food is, I’ll probably say potatoes (weird, I know. But just think about it, potatoes are really good no matter what form you eat them in!) I am also a really big boba fanatic so if you ever need a buddy to get some delicious milk tea with chewy balls, just hit me up! I really look forward to meeting everyone and making unforgettable memories!

Samantha Wathugala, Webmaster

Year: Sophomore 😮
Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Service Passions: Global health, education, reducing disparities… Really, just anything I can do to help. I’ve been lucky, and I want to improve other people’s luck.
Hobbies: Singing, internetting, baking/cooking/making yummies, reading (please recommend things!), writing, sleeping, talking, hanging out with awesome people (family, friends, Rotaracters, the usual), meditating
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I heard that it had cool people in it and had a great sense of community from a few sources before beginning my first semester, so I was ready to give it a chance. Went to the first meeting and a few events and, lo and behold, Rotaract was wonderful and here I am. I just really like the causes they choose and the way they go about supporting them. Rotaract spends my time better than I would spend it if left to my own devices.
About Me: IF YOU LIKE HUGS, TELL ME so that I may hug you lots. I am short (5’1″… on a good day), nerdy/dorky, silly/happy, and from SoCal, LA-ish (Palos Verdes, actually). I read too many webcomics and love music but have no idea what’s playing on the radio like 80% of the time. According to my roommate, I’m both a night owl and a morning person. I don’t drink coffee but I love tea (black or black with lime & honey or ginger with honey). I possibly overuse smiley faces, but they make me happy, so… 🙂 dftba, and dare mighty things!

Vivian Nguyen, Design Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: Undeclared
Service Passions: Anything hands-on! Working with youngsters or the elderly, restoration/clean-up projects, soup kitchens, etc.
Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, socializing/chillin with friends, listening to music, watching Korean Dramas, doodling, making origami, watching random animal videos online, and (believe it or not) going on adventures… in the wilderness.
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: Service is life. My high school did not have a very big Interact club, so I did not hear about it until my last semester of senior year -_- bummer. BUT, I did hear about Cal Rotaract through Reann and my Berkeley Rotarian mentors, so that’s how I was introduced. During my first semester of Rotaract, I was able to serve my community with other people who are just as passionate about service as I am. And I chose to stay in Rotaract for that very reason. There’s so much love going around ~(^-^)~
About me: Hi!~ After achieving apprenticeship as a marketing/design intern, I, Vivian Nguyen, can now continue to design Rotaract’s marketing material as the design chair for 2015. I was born and raised for 13 years in Oakland, and then moved to Berkeley for middle school. Yes, I could literally walk home anytime… but sadly I don’t go as often as I should. I know I may seem like the lazy bum type who despises doing anything that requires a lot of ATP (energy), but it turns out I’m quite the dare-devil. I’ve zip-lined upside down before and even kayaked, white-water rafted, and surfed without knowing how to swim. So if any of you are into this stuff, let me know! Otherwise, it’s lazy bum status for me all day everyday because I won’t be very motivated until I have a buddy to do stuff with :O Be sure to say hi to me~ I promise I don’t bite. Let’s have funsies this semester! -Love, Vivz

Amber Chan, Historian

Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Service Passions: Hands-on projects where I can directly work with those I’m servicing and bring smiles to others’ faces; particularly volunteering at music festivals to ensure the health and wellbeing of the attendees and I also really enjoy outdoor projects and making things (like WAPIs and LN-4s)
Hobbies: Eating, baking, reading, finding new music/artists, arts & crafts/making and repurposing things, photography, adventuring, exploring and travelling with friends, and meeting new people!
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I was in Interact in high school and first came to know Rotaract when I attended Cal Rotaract’s Stayover. I loved everyone I met and aspired to be like them one day – welcoming, social, passionate (and a student at Cal). [It’s still crazy to me that I’m here today.] In Rotaract, I get to do the things I love (service events and socials galore!) with people I love. I have countless unforgettable memories from Rotaract and have met so many incredible and inspiring people I probably wouldn’t have met without Rotaract. It’s my second family and home away from home – my life wouldn’t be the same (and as happy) without it.
About Me: Hello everyone! I’m Bay Area born and raised… hellllaa nice here isn’t it? I’m super excited to meet all you lovely people and see the amazing things we’ll accomplish this year. I absolutely love puns and food so if you find any puns or good recipes please send them my way (same if you find a cool song you like, I love discovering new artists). I’m always down for food or photo adventures (or any adventure really). I’ve recently acquired a new love for giraffes (and my giraffe onesie especially), on the off chance that you ever see me prancing around campus (or off-campus) in a giraffe onesie with my giraffe backpack, please don’t hesitate to come up and say hi! <3

Raj Aurora, Rotary Committee Co-Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: MCB-Intended Neurobiology
Service Passions: Relief aid for impoverished areas, global access to clean water, significant improvements in healthcare.
Hobbies: Completing my College Bucket List, hanging out with friends, traveling, some video games, Netflixing, eating and sleeping!
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: Rotaract is an organization that provides opportunities to make a difference at a much larger-than-self level. Volunteering with Rotaract not only grants me personal fulfillment for helping others, but gives me a family like community, making my time here unforgettable. Best college decision so far.
About Me: Hey! My name is Raj, and I was born in Thousand Oaks (near LA) but then lived the second half of my life in the bay area (San Carlos, it’s on the peninsula). I have a twin brother, I know, it’s crazy. If you see me or him, say hi, we’ll probably respond. I enjoy a lot of types of food, but have to pin my favorites as Italian, Thai or Chipotle. I am a huge fan of the sciences, so if you wanna talk Chem, bio, or physics, I’m in. I hope to try more crazy awesome things at Cal, especially restaurants. So let me know what your favorite place is! Finally, I am more than excited to be the Rotary Committee Co-Chair for the upcoming year. Let’s do this!

Mohith Subbarao, Rotary Committee Co-Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: Computer Science & Cognitive Science
Service Passions: Mental Health, Poverty, Access to Education, and Climate Change/Environment
Hobbies: Meeting new people, hiking, traveling, photography, listening to music & engaging in music culture, film
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: During my first semester at Berkeley, I didn’t join any clubs. While I did make friends my first semester, I entered my second semester longing for a community that would be a second home at this intimidating university. I remember seeing photos of Rotaract events on Facebook, and everyone just looked so lively and passionate. Having done community service in high school through Boy Scouts, the club seemed great. However, I could never have predicted how inspired and welcome this club would be. The people here put their heart and soul in making the world a better place and always can see the positivity in every obstacle. This club has made me a better person, and I hope as an officer I can make Rotaract a better club.
About me: Hi! My name is Mohith and I’m super excited to be an officer of the Rotary committee this semester. I was born and raised in Bay Area, I love pizza, and I tend to have a lot of energy (especially when I’m surrounded by good people). I am a huge music nerd (I still buy CDs!) and am always down to talk about music or just jam through spotify/soundcloud. I prefer creating memories over dreams, so I’m always down for a spontaneous adventure. My philosophy is that youth is fleeting so I want to do my best to make my college years as cinematic as possible. To help with that, I made a goal last semester to meet one new person every single day; help me keep that up next semester too!

Ivy Pham, Interact Committee Co-Chair

Year: Second
Major: Public Health
Minor: Global Poverty and Practice
Service Passions: I have left my heart in many different service foci, but I am very attached to serving the youth in any respect as the future rests in their hands. In addition, initiatives to benefit global health, community needs, education and measures to practice empathy, kindness and self-compassion are of my top passion priorities.
Hobbies: Finding beauty in simplicity yet acknowledging and appreciating complexity (and in between the chaotic lines of life, I find pleasure in good company, reads, food, vibes and dessert, dessert, dessert!).
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: Because it is the happiest place at Cal as Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth (◕ ‿ ◕❀) Rotaract, on paper, is a service club aimed to involve members in humanitarian service and promote peace throughout the world with community and international projects. Off paper, Rotaract’s magnetic presence is attributed to the inclusive atmosphere, quirky and genuine individuals, inspiring words and mutually shared hot, fiery passion TO SERVE bouncing off the walls! Personally, Rotaract is my homebase where I can let any stress/worries melt away and focus on one goal: enjoy being present with some of the sweetest and supporting people I’ve been blessed to cross paths with! With that being said, there is only so much that can be said as Rotaract offers a different connotation for everyone, so I hope you move onwards as a volunteer, advocate for service leader and Rotaractor… and discover your own meaning.
About Me: Aside from being your average gal, I would say I’m petite with an appetite. I am absolutely in love with animals, with a particular obsession with kats (adamant about the ‘k’). If you ever find yourself in conversation with me, expect a ‘meow’ or other tidbits from the Ivish language, like ‘merp’, ‘sighpie’, ‘kawaii’, ‘lava you’, ‘but then I got hungry’, and lots of ‘!!!!!’. I also find myself lost quite a bit, but it works out because I’m always hungry….. to EXPLORE! A few of my dreams at the moment is to find
myself in a sunflower garden patch, Sam Smith concert, all-you-can-eat macaron buffet, Italy or Spain, a TED talk and possibly, working for a non-profit org. Anywho, I always welcome new insights, perspectives, adventures and people because that’s what I personally consider as making the most of life! Feel free to hit me up to study, grab a bite to eat, watch Key and Peele videos, partake in a midnight dinner, nap party, share kat pictures, protest for a Panda Express establishment within walking proximity of Cal or… maybe… just maybe venture to
the RSF! With that being said… Rotaractors, keep being you and doing you because you’re changing the world 🙂

Susan Wang, Interact Committee Co-Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: Intended Business Major, Music Minor
Service Passions: Promoting music education in public schools across the nation
Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, binge watching shows on Netflix, going to SF Giants games, traveling, photography
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: During all four years of high school I was actually an Interactor in District 5170! (A2 represent hehe) At first when I arrived at Cal I thought I was ready to move on from Interact, so I was a little hesitant about joining Rotaract. But when I attended one of the general meetings, I knew I just had to join Rotaract because it was the first place on campus where I immediately felt welcomed and accepted, no questions asked. Everyone in Rotaract is incredibly amazing and inspiring. I really feel like I’m a part of a family <3
About me: Hey everyone! My name is Susan and I am super excited to be the Interact Committee Co-Chair along with the wonderful Ivy Pham this semester! I was born in Oakland and raised in a town called Castro Valley that’s about 30 minutes away from Berkeley, so I’ve been in the Bay all my life 🙂 Aside from service, music is one of my biggest passions in life. After college I plan on working in the music industry 🙂 I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I’m currently a singer in the University Chorus 🙂 Performing in front of an audience gives me a natural high

Spencer Abrams, Fellowship Co-Chair

Year: Junior
Major: Astrophysics
Service Passions: working to ensure everyone has an opportunity for education
Hobbies: basketball, ukulele & keyboard, biking, cooking, stargazing, freestyling, playing Super Smash Bros.
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I went to my first Rotaract event because my housemate, who was already a member, said that the girls were pretty and the snacks were free. I went to my second event, and every one after that, because the people I had met in the club were some of the most genuine and selfless people I had met at Cal. Through their enthusiasm and dedication, every single member gives a piece of themselves to the community and makes it a little bit better.
About me: Hi guys, I’m Spencer and I’ll be one of your Fellowship chairs this semester! I’m from Dallas, Texas, and no I don’t ride a horse everwhere. Virginia and I have a lot of cool events planned for you coming up, but if you’ve got an idea for an event you’d like to see, we want to hear it! If you’re ever looking for someone to work out or jam with, I’m your guy. Other than that, I look forward to seeing you guys around!

Virginia Suarez, Fellowship Co-Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Service Passions: Education, working with children, and spreading awareness about disabilities!
Hobbies: Baking, reading, exploring nature, making friends, binge watching tv shows, laughing, traveling, eating
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I joined Rotaract because community service has always been a big part of my life and I wanted to continue helping others here at Cal. Once I joined, I realized how rewarding and fun it was working to help the community with such amazing people. Service + family bonding + fun socials = perfect combination!
About Me: Hi guys, I’m Virginia and I’m really excited to be one of your Fellowship chairs this year! I am pretty outgoing and love to make new friends, so please don’t be shy to say hi or talk to me whenever you’d like! (if we become friends I’ll probably send you motivational messages and pictures of really cute kittens)
We hope to have a great semester with a lot of fun planned — and remember, you can suggest any ideas for ways to make the club as exciting and fun as possible! I can’t wait to get to know you all! 🙂

Chi-Lan Tran, Family Coordinator

Year: 3rd
Major: Media Studies & Economics
Service Passions: working with children & the elderly!
Hobbies: I’m really into photography, fashion, music, tv, film, food.. I am always up to date on what’s happening in pop culture. 🙂
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I joined Rotaract to continue from the good ol’ days of Interact in high school. Interact was a major part of my high school life and I thought what better way to be involved with service than Rotaract!
About Me: My name’s Chi-Lan, Chichi, Chillin’, Chi.. I basically respond to anything that has “chi” in it. I am this year’s family coordinator, which means I organize Rotaract’s family system! I’m from San Jose, California which is just 45 minutes south of Berkeley, and my dad went to Cal too so I’ve been a Cal Bear since birth. I love working out and doing pilates, going on adventures, taking pictures, cooking & baking (or at least attempt to), and of course, service! I am always available to fellow Rotaractors if you ever want to talk, hang out, and get to know each other. I can’t wait to meet all of you and be one big happy family! 🙂

Jamie Lee, Marketing Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: Intended Integrative Biology
Service Passions: ANYTHING! I just love to help people no matter what it is but community service, working with the youth, elderly, and disabled, and anything hands-on.
Hobbies: Baseball, football, basketball, dodgeball, working out, watching movies (yes, chick flicks), listening to music, adventuring
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I love to help and Rotaract is about service, so I have wanted to join ever since I attended CalSo. I volunteered in about 23836582695 different service events and would love to continue this in college
About Me: Hello! I’m Jamie and I will be your upcoming marketing chair. If you are reading this right now, then my fellow Rotaracters and I have done a good job at marketing Rotaract to you! I am from Fort Collins, Colorado and it does not seem to get cold over here… I was told I’m intimidating at first but once you get to know me, you will realize I’m a butterfly. I am always open to talk, chill, or do whatever because I like meeting new people and love enjoying life.


Manucher Buicki, Local Committee Co-Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: Intended Neurobiology (hopefully Pre-med)
Service Passions: Aiding the homeless, working in soup kitchens, aiding the children of low-income families, and trying to make people’s days better. But, in the end of the day, I just want to help people.
Hobbies: Probably my favorite thing in the world, besides BEING LOUD, is running, though I have flat-feet that only hurt me when I do so, BUT THAT WON’T STOP ME!!!! I also love singing with the UC Men’s Chorale!
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: My two high-school buddies Sid and AD, who were the previous Local Committee co-chairs, told give Rotaract a shot since it’s apparently like a club that we were all a part of back in the day. SO, on a whim, I decided to go for it and only found good vibes and inspiration that I absolutely needed because of how lost I felt during my first couple of months here at Berkeley. Since then, I feel like Rotaract has helped me continue to carry on my passions and find my place here. It’s always been a pleasure.
About me: EYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! My name is Manucher, and I have the pleasure of being this year’s Local Committee co-chair with Janki! I’m from Southern California, specifically from a little bubble known as Irvine. Although I am insanely loud most of the time, I am, at heart, an introvert and always will be; I feel like solitude is super important when living in a world that moves as fast as this world does. But, that inherent introverted side of me won’t stop me from doing the things I love and making lifelong connections with the people I love, which, by the way, may be everybody (you’ll probably hear me say “I LOVE YOU” many, many, many times…). Anyways, I am always here for you, and I love listening and trying to help people with any problems they may have, so let me know if anything is ever wrong; we’ll figure out life together! I’m your LoCo co-chair this year, but I am first your friend!

Judy Huang, Local Committee Co-Chair

Year: Second
Major: Undeclared…potentially Development Studies but anything social sciency is where I’m leaning towards
Service Passions: I love working with children, especially regarding education. I’m also super passionate about human rights, especially the advancement of women, especially in developing regions. Overall, I love helping in anyway I can and trying to affect change – because even if your contribution is small, it still counts 🙂
Hobbies: Travelling, learning languages, anything to do with food (eating, cooking, staring at it…) and just chilling with friends or by myself. Find me if you want to go on a spontaneous adventure (hiking, exploring…whatever, I’m probably down)!!
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: It was one of 10 millions flyers I got handed during welcome week, and I really wanted to join a club, so is thought why not? And the amazing people and atmosphere just drew me in immediately, so just wait for it…cuz it’ll happen to you too. On the real though Rotaract provides easily accessible service activities, knowledgeable and passionate club members and officers, opportunities for leadership – it’s the place to be ♡
About Me: My name’s Judy, but I respond to many different variations of name, so call me whatever and I’ll probably turn (but you should be warned I’m partially deaf so if I don’t turn it’s probably because I didn’t hear you and not because cause I don’t like you). Originally from Tracy, about an hour away from Berkeley.
I’m so undeclared right now it’s approaching not funny (I promise I have a plan…it’s just taking taking a bit to get there). Talk to me because I love to talk and so if you’re more of a listening person I’ve still got you covered! And come to meetings (esp. Local Committee heyyyy), socials, volunteer events because we’re all helluh (shoutout for NorCal) cool haha

Alyssa Liu, International Committee Co-Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major: Legal Studies/Intended-Business/Political Economy/ I have no direction
Service Passions: Equal access to food, clean water, and education and women empowerment
Hobbies: Volunteering (clearly), eating, reading poetry by the fireside with a glass of wine in hand, going to concerts (only the hippest and most obscure!!1!1!), hiking, playing video games, hardcore playing board games (Catan party anyone?), and getting lost (metaphorically and literally – you choose)
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: Interact was my baby in high school (maternal instincts), so, when I found out that my dream college also had a Rotaract on campus, I was -insert heart-eyes emoji-.
About Me: Disclaimer: Most of this was copy and pasted from my tinder profile. I’m just your typical 5′ 2 1/2″ awkward girl who loves Kanye West. I’m pretty stoked for this upcoming year because my beautiful Co, Margaux, and I have beautiful plans for International Committee. I’m a freshman, so if there’s any reason you should like me, it’s because I have meal points and can get you chicken strips from GBC if you’re hungry or Red Bull from Bear Market for those all-nighters. Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me for coffee, late-night studying, a ghetto-wannabe Bear Walk service, deep talks about the Mariana Trench, or just if you wanna go to a concert and don’t want to be alone 🙂

Margaux Payton, International Committee Co-Chair

Year: Sophomore
Major and Minor: Political Economy and Global Poverty and Practice
Service Passions: Education, global development, protecting human rights, relieving poverty, sustainability
Hobbies: Can’t wait for the next time I go camping, kayaking, traveling! Also love a classic book and watching Victorian era and Bollywood movies!
Contact: [email protected]
Why Rotaract: I am drawn to service because I know how lucky I am to be where I am today (studying at the one and only UC Berkeley, can I get a Go Bears?!) I know that it is largely in part to the resources and opportunities I had growing up; thus I hope to give people the resources and opportunities to feel just as blessed as I do. Cal Rotaract forges new frontiers and is always striving to do bigger and better things which is very important in a great service organization. Also through Rotaract you have a huge community of peers who share the same local and global interests as you! And best of all, It’s FUN.
About Me: Hi friend! I am so stoked to co-chair the wonderful service that is International Committee! The year will be filled with great fun and rewarding service and I am so lucky to be apart of it! A little background about me: I am from a suburb in San Diego; I am a big alternative music fan; Anyone going to Coachella? I love to go to Zumba and practice yoga. I hope to use my education to work for the United Nations or an environmentally conscious company . I would love to hear your passions and ideas for service projects, so don’t hesitate to open up! Even though we get pretty invested in serious issues, I still love being silly! Looking forward to the next semester with all you beautiful humans. Love!