Officers Spring 2018

Tracy Chen, Co-President

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Year: Junior

Major: Molecular Cell Biology-Immunology

Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, watching Youtube videos, dancing, singing, making bad puns

Service Passions: Equal access to affordable healthcare, promoting awareness of global issues, and making smiles on everyone’s faces!

About Me: I absolutely adore K-pop, adore food, and adore Rotaractors! All my friends can vouch for my great puns and a fondness for hygiene in the kitchen. I live close enough to Disneyland to see fireworks every night but has never been. Can someone take me there one day? 🙂 Fun facts: I am a second degree black belt in taekwondo. I am currently on the pre-med track so feel free to ask me for advice (or give me advice)!   
Why Rotaract: Rotaract is my main motivator for getting out of bed early on the weekends for our wonderful service events! I love meeting new people and making friends who all share the same drive: to make the world a better place through community service. Rotaract is a great community that builds people up to become the wonderful leaders who are passionate about changing the world. What’s not to like about Rotaract?

Kylee Mebust, Co-President

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Year: Sophomore

Major: Global Studies
Hobbies/Interests: Singing, German + language learning, Musicals, Traveling, Cooking Healthy Food, Exercising, Hiking
Service Passions: International Understanding, Education and Literacy, Nutrition and Food Security, Youth Empowerment
About Me: If you are trying to spot me in the Rotaract crowd, trying listening for someone singing, speaking German or, better yet, singing in German! Okay, I may have only started learning German a few years ago when I went to Austria for my Rotary Youth Exchange year, yet there is probably not a single conversation with me that does not involve a German word or something about my exchange year…so I apologize in advance. My next goal is to learn Chinese, so maybe that will help mix up my conversation topics! Other important things to know about me: I have a reputation for being obsessed with pineapple, I almost melted last year’s officer board by inviting them to my Sacramento suburban hometown in August (where the temperature is well over 100 degrees F on more days than should be allowed) and my signature outfit includes a skirt and long socks. Keep a lookout for me, and let me know you have read this by giving me an enthusiastic “go bears” when you next see me!
Why Rotaract: Rotary International has greatly influence my life with their various programs, so it felt natural to join the collegiate level of the organization with my preexisting passion. However, the reason I wanted to stay on the board for a second year was all due to the wonderful members and warm Cal Rotaract environment. We are a diverse group of majors and backgrounds, who take the time to care for others and invest in their community, rather than purely focus on personal or professional gain. I have made some of my best friends in this club, and I couldn’t imagine my college experience without it! 

Sandra Chang, Internal Vice President

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, listening to music, traveling, learning new languages, watching nature documentaries and game playthroughs.
Service Passions: I would love to help increase mental health awareness, as well as provide opportunities to help give equal access to information, education, and healthcare.
About Me: Born and raised in SoCal, I’m a sucker for cute and fluffy things and great pens. I used to practice martial arts, and I enjoy watching videos of dance choreographies (even though I can’t dance for my life). I really enjoy learning new languages and music, so please feel free to send me song suggestions from artists all around the globe. I also get way too excited over stories told in different mediums and overthinking them. Want to try out a new game or see a movie or a new food place? Tell me about it and I’ll be down to check it out with you. The bottom line is: feel free to talk about anything with me. I look forward to getting to know all of you this semester!
Why Rotaract: Cal Rotaract does an outstanding job of involving its members in service on multiple levels, regardless of where their interest focus lies. The experiences I’ve had with Rotaract have really helped expand my understanding of issues affecting communities close to home and on a global scale. I didn’t join until the spring semester of my freshman year, but the sense of family and belonging that comes alongside being involved in service with a great community of people really helped me greatly. 

Andrew Tham, External Vice President

Contact:  [email protected] or [email protected] 

Year: Junior

Major: Economics
Hobbies/Interests: Soccer, Clarinet, Ukulele, Trying new restaurants, Camping, Finding shops that sell weird things
Service Passions: Economic Development and Youth Empowerment
About Me: Hello friends! I’m Andrew and I’m really excited to serve as the 2018 EVP! I hail from the great state of New Jersey, and all I have to say about that is that the snow there is indeed very cold and that East Coast pizza is way better. I’m really into soccer and music, so I’m usually down for any opportunity to kick around or make some noise. I also love to make people laugh and smile. I have been told in the past that I can look mean (apparently?), but I actually really like to chat and meet new people, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me!
Why Rotaract: I think that the Rotaract community is really special because at a high pressure school like Cal where there are endless opportunities to get yourself ahead academically and professionally, Rotaract represents a group of people who are also willing to spend some of their free time helping others. These are the kinds of people that I chose to surround myself with and continue to surround myself with because I genuinely believe these are some of the best people at you can find at Cal. Try it out, and hopefully you can experience it all for yourself!

Vani Topkar, External Affairs Vice President

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

Year: Junior

Major: Molecular Cell Biology

Hobbies/Interests: I am very involved in lab work on campus. My favorite TV shows include Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Jane the Virgin, The Mindy Project, The Office, Sherlock, and Friends. I love watching stand-up comedy and teach dance classes over Skype. I am so excited to be a Rotaract executive this year so feel free to talk to me anytime. Please be my friend!

Service Passions: Education for all, women’s health, sustainable sources of food and water in impoverished areas

About Me: Jordin Sparks asked how she’s supposed to breathe with no air, but I’ve been doing it my whole life! Hailing from the beautiful and mountainous city of Boulder, Colorado, I have grown up loving being outdoors. Whether it be hiking, biking, camping, or snowboarding, I am always up for an adventure. I am a mean baker, enjoy free writing, and love playing with my bichon, Gypsy. Ice cream is my favorite food and yellow is my favorite color.

Why Rotaract: After leaving the dorms after my freshman year, I felt like I had lost the community I was a part of at Berkeley. As I searched for clubs and organizations to join, I was struck by the altruism and genuineness of Cal Rotaract. Living with kindness, love, and empathy has always been the priority for me and being a part of Rotaract has given me both a family on campus and new sense of purpose.

Joseph Simbre, Historian

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Freshman

Major: Cog Sci

Hobbies/Interests: Making videos, making music, longboarding

Service Passions: My service passion is simply helping people who need it.

About Me: My worst fear is that my camera will one day fall out of my fingers and that my lens will shatter into countless pieces beneath me. It took a lot of savings to attain it and without my camera I am essentially useless to Cal Rotaract. But with all jokes aside, don’t be shy if you guys see me using it to take pictures and videos of you in the background! I am here to record all of the great services and memories created in Cal Rotaract and I look forward to being a part of them with you.

Why Rotaract: I was introduced to Cal Rotaract by a friend who spontaneously invited me to go to GM1 an hour before the event. I soon realized that this single attendance was the start of a great journey where I made many friendships, learned so much, and had such fulfilling experiences that I could never forget. I continue to stay now because I want to give back to the club that has given me so much.

Daniel Vazquez, Webmaster

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Junior

Major: Cognitive Science

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, listening to music, playing videogames, hanging out with friends and playing joking around, cooking and baking

Service Passions: Creating new opportunities for everyone to help make a difference in the world

About Me: I from SoCal and enjoy playing videogames all day everyday (well I wish if I didn’t have classes). I am a somewhat quiet guy at first but if you get to know me then you’ll wish I stop talking. I eating with friends so if you ever feel like eating or wondering about where to eat then you always hit me up.

Why Rotaract: I joined Cal Rotaract initially to satisfy a scholarship requirement. I joined my freshman year and I have loved this club ever since. I feel like Cal Rotaract is my home away from home, a place where I can be myself while doing service projects with like minded people. I would say my entire college life would be a different experience if I didn’t join Cal Rotaract. 

Eric Berkovsky, Co-Treasurer

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics

Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, reading, playing tennis, running, traveling, cooking, gardening, looking at memes

Service Passions: Economic development and conservation

About Me: Hey everyone! My name is Eric and I hail from the faraway city of San Francisco. I’m really excited to serve as one of the treasurers this year and look forward to getting to know all of you! Some fun facts about me are that I have no cousins, once rode a camel, and am actively trying to visit all 50 states (currently at 30). In the rare opportunities when I have spare time, I enjoy binge reading or watching Netflix. Some of my favorite shows are Game of Thrones, Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, and HIMYM, at least until the finale happened. I also like listening to music (my favorite band is Weezer but I’ll listen to just about anything), cheering for sports teams I have no personal connection to (Go Twins and Spurs), and sleeping a lot. Please feel free to reach out anytime, I love meeting new people and would be happy to send you some quality memes or take you on a local’s tour of the Bay Area!

Why Rotaract: Although I have done a lot of volunteering throughout my life, my high school didn’t have Interact or very much organized community service, so when I came to Berkeley and discovered Rotaract in my first semester I quickly discovered what I was missing out on. I am continually amazed by Rotaract’s strong community and the passion everyone has for making the world a better place, and it has truly become my home away from home. Whether it’s helping with a service project or meeting new people, there is definitely something for everyone and I encourage you to come check it out! 

Nikhil Bhumralkar, Co-Treasurer

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Sophomore
Major: Economics
Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, tennis, basketball reading, listening to music, finding new places to eat at
Service Passions: My service passion is finding ways to increase access to education for those in underprivileged situations.
About Me: Hi everyone! My name is Nikhil and I am from Valencia, which is north of Los Angeles. I am a sophomore majoring in economics and minoring in public policy. Outside of school and Rotaract, I love to go hiking, especially for nice views. If I’m not hiking, I’m usually playing tennis or basketball, or going out to eat with my friends. Don’t hesitate to talk to me if you have questions or just want to hang out!
Why Rotaract: I was a member of Interact in high school and really enjoyed participating in all of the service opportunities, so I decided to join Rotaract at Cal.  Rotaract is committed to making a difference in a wide range of areas, and organize impactful projects that are fun to participate in. What makes Cal Rotaract even better is its emphasis on social activities, especially through the family system. Rotaract has provided me a community of friends that I can always rely upon.

Jessica Cheng, Human Relations Chair

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Freshman

Major: Mathematics and English

Hobbies/Interests: Writing poetry and stories, reading, attempting to bake, eating, music, paper crafts, interacting with kids!!

Service Passions: I believe in educational equity for all students, as well as youth empowerment from community support and involvement. Also a big proponent of mental health awareness!

About Me: Hello everyone! I’m a Bay Area native — San Jose to be exact. Some of my favorite things to do: spend time with family, explore aesthetic handwriting and card-making, write almost excessively in my journal, wholesome memes and cringy puns, listening to music (from One Direction to all the K-dramas I watch), and of course… bread! I love bread. Almost as much as I love deep talks and feel-good times with people. I’m so excited to get to know everyone in the next semesters — feel free to approach me whenever. 🙂

Why Rotaract: After being involved with Key Club in high school, I knew that service was something I wanted to continue with in college. And I think like many people, I joined Rotaract for the service and stayed for the people, who helped fill my first semester at Cal with a sense of adventure and belonging. The Rotaract community is incredibly eye-opening, inspiring, warm, and fun, and there are so many opportunities to get involved — from the different service projects to the four committees, there is still much that I am excited to explore with Rotaract!

Jonas Katona, Fellowship Co-Chair

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Sophomore 

Major: Physics/Mathematics

Hobbies/Interests: Food, writing music, listening to music, playing piano/oboe/E. Horn, mathematics, mathematical sciences (physics included, of course), linguistics, data science, history, anthropology, sociology, singing, traveling, trying new cuisines, adventuring, hiking, running, just having deep and chill conversations with people!

Service Passions: Quality education for all, increasing awareness for underrepresented communities and cultures, diversity in STEM, improving the efficiency and availability of useful technologies, and helping whenever possible in simple, everyday ways.

About Me: Whoa, so this guy isn’t (pre-)Haas, econ., or pre-med.? You bet! :’) I’m a massive nerd, and I’ve always been, since birth. Did anyone say otherwise? I am the northern boundary of the Greater Los Angeles Area, in the tranquil, sleepy suburb of Santa Clarita, California, but I originally come from a much smaller suburb ~25 miles northeast from Seattle: Maltby, Washington. Anyways, I have always been a major fan of music, in general. There was once a dismal time of my life when I solely listened to classical music (I still do quite a lot, usually from the Romantic period onwards), but soon after, my music tastes grew immensely, and now, I would say they run the gamut from French house to neo soul to chillwave to art rock to Hungarian folk music. I would list some of my favorite artists, but that list is quite dynamic, so it would be pointless. I am also in several musical organizations on campus, such as the UC Berkeley Wind Ensemble, UC Jazz Ensembles, and Cal Composer’s Club. I am in other non-musical organizations too (ahem such as Rotaract), but man, this is already getting too long. Before I keep on talking, there’s way too much to know about a person than can be gleaned from a single paragraph. I love talking with different types of people. If you have any questions about life, music, food, mathematics, physics, MEMES, linguistics, Cal, or just need someone to hear you out, hmu on Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, Gmail, etc., and I’ll try to respond within 12 hours. Or 24 hours. Or maybe 48 hours. Depends on my mood and how much work I have. See y’all around!

Why Rotaract: Well, you know how I mentioned that I was from the Santa Clarita Valley? So is my man Nikhil, one your co-treasurers. We started the very first Interact at West Ranch High School; he was president and I was secretary (for Key Club, as well). Coming to UC Berkeley, it not only felt natural to continue Interact in the form of Rotaract, but I also had a desire to continue serving our community on a local and international scale. Plus, in organizations such as Rotaract, it isn’t at all difficult to find and build long-lasting relationships with quality people, many of whom are bound to have similar interests, goals, and aspirations as you. When you are hecking stressed from piles of work and a busy, packed schedule, it is an ideal and fulfilling way to escape, while bringing help and joy to others.

Julia Acuna-Fleming, Fellowship Co-Chair

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biological Sciences

Hobbies/Interests: During my time away from school work, and other engagements I like to spend my time doing things most people do. I enjoy reading (I am a certified bookworm), watching Black Mirror and rewatching Friends, doodling, cooking, following mukbangs, and lastly, messing with my family and friends in all the ways I possibly can.

Service Passions: In service, I strive to create a better world for the less fortunate. By targeting large issues such as literacy, World hunger, extreme poverty, and lethal illnesses, I believe that Rotaract is serving such a purpose. By being a part of Rotaract I am following my passion to eliminate many of the main issues that pollute the earth today. To eliminate such, is my only passion.

About Me: Hello 🙂 My name is Julia Acuna-Fleming. Born and raised in the bay, as they say (that rhymed lol XD). I went to Hayward High about 30ish minutes away from here, and was brought up to dedicate my time to family and education alone. Since coming to UC Berkeley, I have found additional outlets of expression in service, and social events that have cultivated me into the new and improved (insert sassy woman emoji lol) individual I am today. I am excited to be your Fellowship Co-Chair and to show you all the amazing things about Rotaract next to service, and that is the people and the bonds you can make with them. I hope to make these next few semesters the best we can achieve. Go bears!

Why Rotaract: Introduced to the club by some of the nicest people I’ve known, I still wasn’t prepared for a club as fulfilling as Rotaract. I was roped into the commitment of weekly meetings, the ever-present service events, and seeing the smiling faces of every member as much as time permitted. Rotaract is a club dedicated to providing for the community; both local and social, young and old, kind and bitter, with the most efficiency a group of schedule-bound college students can muster. Rotaract provides medication for the sick, and food for the hungry. I don’t see a reason this club can be ignored when faced with the results of its effect on change for a better world. I joined Rotaract because I want to make an impact on the world, even if my part is small, I’m satisfied with being a part of something that is as substantial as Rotaract. The kind-hearted, beautiful people that we call members, are only an added bonus.

Jocelyn Cheng, Design Chair

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Freshman
Major: Intended MCB/Psychology
Hobbies/Interests: Tennis, Listening to K-pop, Trying new cuisines, Drawing, Watching anime + kdrama, Playing viola, Singing exclusively in the shower 
Service Passions: Protecting the environment, equal access to healthcare, alleviating poverty
About Me: Hi! I’m a SoCal girl who is used to wearing puffy Uniqlo jackets in 73 degree weather. I love music and am currently obsessed with so many K-pop bands I’ve already lost count a while ago. Besides music, I also love to venture to new restaurants and try different types of food so hit me up and we can go get food while fangirling over our favorite K-pop groups. I really like meeting new people even though I’m also somewhat shy (it’s a daily inner struggle) so please feel free to approach me and we can both awkwardly introduce ourselves 🙂 
Why Rotaract: I knew I wanted to join some kind of service club and happened to stumble upon Rotaract and checked out their table. Seeing how fast they replied to my emails and how organized the website was impressed me; I knew Rotaract was a club that was definitely on top of things. Even though I joined somewhat midway through the semester, my family members were so kind to me which really helped to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that I had longed for after coming to Cal. General meetings and service events were uniquely fun and fulfilling especially since I was able to meet so many new people. I truly recommend joining Rotaract even if you can only make time for a few events!

Justin Lee, Interact Co-Chair

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Sophomore

Major: Intended Molecular Cell Biology

Hobbies/Interests: religiously binge watching shows on Netflix/Youtube, playing cards and board games, hand lettering, listening to music, trying new cafés and sweets, hand lettering, drinking boba

Service Passions: I particularly enjoy projects that involve increasing global medical accessibility, health education, youth empowerment! Really anything that will improve the quality of life of people and make the world a better place!

About Me: If you’ve ever heard of anyone who enjoys the purple/grape Jolly Rancher, you may have met me. Born and raised in the Bay, I also enjoy scrolling through Facebook for dog posts and edgy memes during my excessive study breaks. I love watching superhero fiction TV series, comedies, and reality TV game shows! My dream is to travel the world, especially the Mediterranean and Europe! I have a huge sweet tooth, meaning I love all things sweet, especially baked goods and desserts! I’m always down to try new cafés and boba places; basically, a huge foodie. If you ever, ever need a Chubby Cup date at Sheng Kee, hit me up! Not only am I Facebook friendly, I’m also venmo friendly!

Why Rotaract: Through Rotaract, as cliché as it may sound, I’ve met people that I will be lifelong friends with. Bonded through service, Rotaract is a place where everyone can make a difference in the community or world while meeting amazing people! I’ve had a long history with the Rotary organization; I’ve been involved in Interact all through high school and knew that I wanted to continue on in the community with Rotaract! Come check us out, we have something for everyone!

Linken Lam, Interact Co-Chair

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology and Integrative Biology (intended), Asian-American Studies Minor (intended)
Hobbies/Interests: My hobbies include playing video games (Blizzard games plus League), reading (sci-fi and fantasy), watching TV (sitcoms mostly, talk to me about Friends/HIMYM), listening to music (favorite bands are Linkin Park and OneRepublic), and catching superhero movies.
Service Passions: My service passion is mentoring high schoolers; my career goal is to eventually become a high school counselor, where I could assist students full time! So far, I’ve mostly just participated in Rotaract’s pen-pal program, but it’d be awesome for me to expand outside of the club.
About Me: Generally, I’m a pretty introverted person but when I’m with people I know, I can talk nonstop long into the night. Don’t eat with me, you will regret it because I am the slowest eater ever! Just ask my friends. I’m always willing to help others, whether it be a stranger or a friend in need. If you ever spot me on campus, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with me! I’m fine talking about classes, hobbies, deep philosophical topics, etc. 
Why Rotaract: I joined Rotaract as a continuation of being in Interact in high school, but have stayed because of how much more involved Rotaract is than my high school’s Interact club ever was. There have been a lot of defining moments for me in this club. The first is being checked up on by one of my family heads my freshmen year, who even though I kept saying I was busy, persisted in making sure I felt included. Thanks Joanna! The second is being surprised that I got a sunshine bag as a volunteer for my first stayover and being touched by everyone’s messages. The last one is meeting up with my Rotary mentor, and witnessing how far service runs, not just through college, but for many years afterwards. 

Jacob Sese, Rotary Co-Chair


Year: Sophomore

Major: Intended Molecular Cell Biology

Hobbies/Interests: Sports, Cooking, Board Games, Exploring Nature

Service Passions: Helping the disadvantaged reach the pinnacle of their potential.

About Me: I was born in the Philippines but raised in Tracy, CA. Besides Rotaract, I am also into recruitment and retention work for underserved communities. I like to make terrible puns so sorry in advance for that. I love going to the gym and playing basketball with my friends. Feel free to hit me up if you’re down to chat, ball up, or throw down on FIFA.

Why Rotaract: This club is full of people who bring out the best in each other. It’s a place where you can make amazing friends, find new opportunities, and do great work. Cal Rotaract is definitely an environment with ample opportunity for your growth as someone who wants to live a life of service.


Prachi Khandekar, Rotary Co-Chair


Year: Sophomore

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hobbies/Interests: Eating, sleeping, listening to Bollywood music/ any music in general, trying to find cheap concerts to go to, hiking, cooking, exploring new restaurants and places. 
Service Passions: Decreasing poverty, providing education opportunities to all, equal access to healthcare.
About Me: Hi everyone! My name is Prachi, and I’m super excited to meet all of you this semester! I’m from San Jose, CA, but I lived in India for 7 years until I moved to California before high school, so I love learning different languages. If I’m relaxing with my laptop, chances are I’m binging Youtube (I don’t have a Netflix so I am not really up to date on any shows except Sherlock). I love everything murder-mystery/crime related, so Sherlock, White Collar, Pysch, and Poirot are my favorite TV shows, and I grew up reading Agatha Christie mystery books. I also love hiking and taking pictures of the views, and am always looking for people to play softball or just go to the gym with. I really like cooking food, but only get time to make super easy Indian food at my apartment in Berkeley. Also, if you need a study buddy to focus with you in the library, hit me up! 
Why Rotaract: I was really involved with Interact in high school, so I always knew I wanted to check out Rotaract in college. I ended up loving everything about the club: the service impact, the amazing friends it gave me, and the countless memories I have had so far.

Suppiya Low, International Co-Chair

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Sophomore

Major: Math 

Hobbies/Interests: Hanging out with my friends and learning to play a little bit of guitar and piano.

Service Passions: My service passion to educating myself and others on international issues and finding ways to aid those in areas of conflict.
About Me: I love terrible jokes, so hit me up randomly any time with a joke and we can exchange a few and see who really has a worse one. Even though I do enjoy getting to know people, I do get society anxiety in a large group of people and cope by talking a little too loud, getting random Asian glow, and slowly but awkwardly backing away. Haha, so if you get nervous talking to a lot of people, just approach me and we can steal some snacks, hide by the corner, and relate to each other. Lastly, I love my closest friends, museums, food, traveling, and listening to music. 
Why Rotaract: After experimenting a few clubs along with Rotaract, I’m come to appreciate the genuine people in the relatively small club. People are just so friendly and easy to talk to. They each have such incredible hearts and are so fun to volunteer with. 

Joanne Nie Naik, International Co-Chair

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Freshman

Major: Intended Economics

Hobbies/Interests: Watching K dramas, cooking, reading, researching ways to lose weight on youtube, reading stuff on quora

Service Passions: My passions in service revolve around the issues of famine and education for underprivileged children in the world, mainly because growing up, I always had an abundance of both of the aforementioned, and I believe that every child deserves the same too.

About Me: I’m a plethora of contradictions. I like getting to know new people, but I can be exceedingly shy at times. I have a black belt in Taekwondo, but I look so weak that nobody believes it. I know seven languages, but when I get nervous, I’m unable to piece together a single sentence. I come from Malaysia! (Ask me where that is, it’s okay if you don’t know //nobody ever seems to anyway) but I’m ethnically Chinese 🙂 I like fluffy and cute stuff, so if i randomly squeal at a dog or something please excuse me. I like traveling, but I get seasick/airsick/carsick everywhere. I love milk, but i’m lactose intolerant. I also love shrimp and seafood, but I’m allergic. So if you’re a bad influence, i’ll probably love you heheh. HIT ME UP WE CAN BE BEST FRIENDS!! (p/s here’s a bribe i can cook you good Chinese food)

Why Rotaract: I’m a huge advocate of community service and ending famine worldwide; my passion for the needy, the poor and the helpless drives me to volunteer for various NGOs even back home in Malaysia. I wanted to continue doing service in Berkeley, hence I joined Cal Rotaract. (Fun fact: I tried to establish a Rotary club back in Malaysia, but was unsuccessful due to our secluded location – so I made my own club instead and named it “Helping Everyone Reach Out”!)

Christine Chow, Local Co-Chair

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Freshman 
Major: Intended Business & Minor in Data Science 
Hobbies/Interests: Napping, Eating, Twitter, Singing, Binge-watching rom-coms, Making 3D origami (or regular), Making bad math puns & Traveling! 
Service Passions: I’m extremely passionate about youth empowerment and arts education. I personally love working with kids, and it’s an amazing feeling to be to inspire creativity at young ages. 
About Me: If you didn’t already know, I’m from New Jersey, and I have the most state pride you’ll ever see. Other than advocating for the East Coast, I love watching rom-coms or any bad reality TV show related to love (Bachelor/Bachelorette fans where you at?) while folding hundreds of little pieces for my next origami project. I am also the biggest fan of the Script (FYI, they’re an Irish band that wrote Breakeven & Hall of Fame) & Adam Levine, and if you ever want to fangirl with me, you will be my new best friend. I also thoroughly enjoy eating just about anything, so if you find any of what I said remotely interesting, hit me up for food or boba! 
Why Rotaract: I first joined Rotaract because my GBO leader (Michelle Lui!) advertised it just about every single day. I loved service and needed friends, so I figured that it was the club for me. Over the semester, I’ve found the service events so rewarding and the people amazing beyond words. Rotaract provides meaningful & impactful service and a tight-knit community, so I knew I had to stay! 

Eric Lee, Local Co-Chair 

Contact: [email protected]

Year: Junior

Major: Molecular Cell Biology: Immunology

Hobbies/Interests: Tennis, playing cello, snorkeling/ swimming in the ocean, hiking, running, going to the gym, EMS, and martial arts

Service Passions: My service passion is making sure the community becomes a better, cleaner environment for all walks of life. I hope to play a positive impact on the youth by introducing better academics and learning environments via community service.

About Me: I was born near Chicago and moved to SoCal when I was 8. Since then, I have played cello for about 10 years, and tennis for even longer. I have also done both taekwondo, karate, and a bit of archery. Other than music and sports, I’ve been getting into TV shows, my favorite being Chicago Fire (I became an EMT over the summer and responded to various 911 calls, hence my interest in EMS :D). I absolutely love the outdoors, especially hiking and swimming, and I hope I can go scuba diving/hunting one day. I’m a pretty easy going person, so if you want to chat or do anything hit me up!

Why Rotaract: I was looking for something that could make my college years impactful and useful (and get a social life otherwise I’d be rotting away in my room doing nothing). That’s when Andrew introduced me to Rotaract. On my first meeting, I was absolutely stunned by the social atmosphere the club had. Despite being a service club, members and officers alike strove to create a warm and supportive environment for welcoming new members. At the time, I was quite introverted, and the new atmosphere was refreshing. I was hooked onto the close knit community in an instant.