Priya Sundari Natarajan

Priya Sundari Natarajan

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Fremont, CA | Linguistics with a Minor in Global Poverty and Practice

Spring 2018 | Special Education Teacher

How has Rotaract impacted your time at Cal?

“Rotaract is love, Rotaract is life”

Rotaract was the 1st club I joined at CAL and it is one of the clubs I stayed in for all 4 years! Beyond the professional skills that I gained through Rotaract, I got a forever family through this organization. About 60% of my friends in college I met through Rotaract and some of my best friends today are from this organization too!

Rotaract has been a constant in my life for the past 4.5 years. Rotarians and Rotaract Alums always told me that service is a lifestyle and Rotaract provided me with the platform to engage in that service with other individuals who shared the same passion for service. The amount of kindness, care, and love present in this organization is unparalleled and is what drives Rotaract to be an incredibly amazing family and environment!

Describe your professional background.

Working through Teach for America as a Special Education Teacher for Third and Fourth Grade

How has Rotaract helped you professionally?

Rotaract provided me many opportunities to grow professionally including exploring leadership roles, meeting wonderful people from various backgrounds, expanding my social network, having a strong work ethic, managing 20+ officers and interns, learning effective problem solving strategies, improving my technical skills in utilizing technological platforms, and learning the art of event planning and organization. As an intern and officer, Rotaract has also allowed me to practice and strengthen my public speaking, marketing, and presentation skills.

If you were a character in a movie, book, or television show, what genre would you live in?

If I were a character in a movie, book, or TV show I would definitely live in fiction because I really enjoy exploring alternate realities and like the possibility of achieving the impossible.

If in a movie, I would choose Infinity War or Jurassic Park

If in a book, I would choose Harry Potter

If in a TV show, I would choose Grey’s Anatomy