Shawn-Freds Family

Family Heads: Bryan Huang, Lauren Dela Rosa, Naomi Pearl

About the Shawn-Freds "Sheds" Family

Oh hey there. We’re the Sheds, and we’re a dysfunctional bunch that has somehow ended up as the family of the semester three times in the last four semesters, including the last two semesters! In the past, we made a scrapbook, baked, dressed up and watched a movie, did a scavenger hunt, played Among Us, became Among Us, danced, did escape rooms, fell in love, and generally got to know each other as best as we could. We have a whole bunch of new ideas for this semester, and we hope that somewhere along the way we have something that suits your fancy. If not, we’re always open to new ideas; a number of our socials are actually suggested by family members. Cal Rotaract has a lot to offer, and our goal is to make this amazing but wild club feel a little less intimidating. Whether or not you choose the Sheds, come say hi! We’re always around.

Meet Your Sheds Family Heads of Fall 2021:

Bryan Huang

Hello hello! My name is Bryan and I guess I’m the old one around here -- I’ve been a family head for the Sheds since before the pandemic, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all the amazing people that have passed through our family over the years. I really want to spend my last year exploring as many new places and restaurants around the Bay Area (even though I’ve been here my whole life), so I’d love your company and recommendations in doing so. On less exciting days, you’ll be able to find me at the RSF or at home watching sports and cooking. I don’t think that this list delivers the message I want to send though. Whether or not we have hobbies in common, I believe that this family, and this club as a whole, has a place for you, as it has had for me; I’ve personally been able to grow so much here and find a safe community. I’d love the opportunity to help you feel at home in the big space that is the university we attend and even Rotaract in general, so no matter what family you choose, I hope to get to know you this semester :))

Naomi Pearl

Hi!! My name is Naomi and I’m from San Diego 🙂 I’m a third year majoring in Global Studies with a concentration in Societies & Cultures of Europe/Russia. When I’m not catching up on the many readings that come with being a social sciences major, some of the things I enjoy doing are finding (and watching) new tv/movie recs, baking to satisfy my Major sweet tooth, going out for iced coffee or boba, and watching my dog back home play/steal from our avocado tree over the backyard Ring camera (I miss him!!). You’ll also find me at the Berkeley Marina on weekends renting out kayaks and paddleboards for Cal Adventures and taking joy rides on our powerboat. Come on out to say hi to me or better yet, hang with me and the Sheds at our family events! Whether or not you decide to join our family I can’t wait to see you all around :))

Lauren Dela Rosa

Hello friends~ My name is Lauren, and I am a current third year majoring in Math with a Teaching Concentration and minoring in CalTeach. If you can’t tell already, I hope to become a math teacher in the near future. Until then, I will gladly continue to dedicate my time to Rotaract and the Sheds. When I’m not in classes or meetings, I can usually be found listening to K-Pop or crying over some dramas (please give me recommendations, I would love them… better yet you could join our family hehe). Now that we’re in person, I can follow through on asking y’all to come get boba and go on random walks through campus with me. I know you can’t see my face in my picture, but just look for the girl with the boba and/or BTS lanyard. Come vibe with me, whether you’re a Shed or not!! I hope you join our family, but regardless, I know you’ll end up getting to know some wonderful people~