International Committee

What is International Committee?

Cal Rotaract’s International Committee is a group of students passionate about international service. Through activities, fundraisers, and educational discussions, we strive to make Cal Rotaract and the Cal campus more aware of international and humanitarian crises. Our meetings, service projects, fundraisers, and discussions will all center around these goals in an effort for our members to contribute to advancing sustainable development first in our communities, and second, in the larger world.

What happens during committee meetings?

At our meetings, we will learn about ways of assisting in humanitarian causes and international development projects. Our members will participate in service events and fundraising campaigns to actively make a difference in the global community. As a part of our main semester project this year, we will also be knitting to provide warm clothing for refugees in Turkey.

Why should you join International Committee?

Your work will impact millions of people around the world. You will engage in group discussions on global issues and play an active role in organizing events. You will meet amazing people who are just as passionate about sustainable international community service. Come and join us for an awesome semester!

Service Partners

Learn more about our service partners: VIDA Warehouse, Berkeley Nature Center, Warm Hands

VIDA Warehouse

Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance (VIDA) provides medical assistance and relief to countries in Latin America by shipping medicines, medical supplies and equipment donated by hospitals, clinics and individuals. VIDA helps underprivileged communities in over 12 countries in Latin America through the provision of aid to the medical infrastructure. This semester we will be volunteering at their warehouse to sort and package medical supplies that will be shipped to countries in need of medical relief. Learn more...

Berkeley Nature Center

The City of Berkeley’s Shorebird Park Nature Center, located at Berkeley Marina, has been at the forefront of climate action and environmental sustainability efforts over many decades in this city. From classes on marine biology and conservation to environmental education programs, the Nature Center is committed to making Berkeley and its residents more aware of their responsibility towards the earth in interactive and engaging ways. This semester we will be volunteering at the 33rd annual International Shoreline Cleanup organized by the Nature Center where we will pick up trash that pollutes the beach and its waters. Learn more...

Warm Hands

According to the UN, the number of people displaced today has surpassed the numbers post World War II, which brings to attention the refugee crises of today. The Syrian refugee crisis alone has displaced more than 5 million people. Warm Hands is an initiative started by Jules Struck, a Girl Scout, to collect and donate warm knitted clothing to Syrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan. All the donated clothing is transported by the Karam Foundation to Syrian refugee camps, in order to fulfill a fraction of the refugees’ basic needs. This semester, we shall be knitting scarves to provide direct assistance and relief to refugees. Learn more...

Stop Hunger Now

“Stop Hunger Now is driven by a world without hunger”. The reality is that each day, millions of children die of malnutrition. Many others remain impoverished due a lack of access to education. Stop Hunger Now strives to end malnutrition and incentivise families to send their children to school by supplying them with food kits. This semester, we will pack food kits which will then be shipped overseas to help those in need. We look forward in engaging this issue together. Learn more…


ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and supplies to aid communities damaged by natural disasters or experiencing humanitarian crises. Since its inception in 2000, the organization has responded to disasters like the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and the current Syrian Refugee Crisis by working on the ground to deliver food, water, shelter, and medical care immediately after each disaster. We hope to raise money to donate to Shelterbox for our semester project for Syrian refugees. Learn more…

International Rescue Committee

IRC responds to the world’s largest humanitarian crises – namely, the Syrian Refugee Crisis. IRC works both internationally and locally with refugees. We hope to work with IRC to assist refugees in the Bay Area, learn about their stories, and to incorporate their work into our larger semester project! Learn more…


Learn about our semester projects: International Shoreline Clean-up, VIDA Warehouse, Warm Hands (Knitting for Refugees), Sierra Leone Mudslide Fundraiser

This semester's project focus has been on mental health. For more resources regarding mental health, click here. 

Questions or comments? Contact Jack Swenson and Annelise Prince at [email protected].